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1. Testing for contagion from oil and developed markets to emerging markets: An empirical analysis using systemic risk parameter
Issue: Vol. 13, No 2, 2020
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Edgardo Cayón, Julio Sarmiento
Keywords: oil, contagion, emerging markets, systemic risk
JEL: G10, G15, G17
98-108 (11)
2. The effect of self-control upon participation in voluntary pension schemes
Issue: Vol. 13, No 1, 2020
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Sandra Castro-González, Lucía Rey-Ares, Sara Fernández-López, Djamila Daoudi
Keywords: self-control, driving forces, saving for retirement, OECD/INFE toolkit, Spain
JEL: G10, G14
11-23 (13)
3. The impact of the economy financialization on the level of economic development of the associate EU member states
Issue: Vol. 12, No 4, 2019
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Inna Shkolnyk, Serhiy Kozmenko, Olga Kozmenko, Borys Mershchii
Keywords: panel data, GLS methods, financial globalization, financial system, industry output, direct investment in the economy, Gini index
JEL: G10
43-58 (16)
4. Tax rates effects on the risk level of listed Viet Nam real estate firms during global economic crisis 2007-2009
Issue: Vol 3 No 2 (2018)
Journal: Economics, Management and Sustainability
Authors: Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
Keywords: beta, capital structure, economic crisis, risk, tax rate, real estate industry
JEL: G01, G10, G39
29-41 (13)
5. How Real Oil Prices and Domestic Financial Instabilities are Good for GCC Countries Tourism Demand in Malaysia?
Issue: Vol. 11, No 2, 2018
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Nanthakumar Loganathan, Dalia Streimikiene, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Muhammad Shahbaz, Abbas Mardani
Keywords: financial instability, GCC countries, real energy prices, threshold cointegration
JEL: G10, G15, Z30, Z32
112-125 (14)
6. Long Term Passive Investment Strategies as a Part of Pension Systems
Issue: Vol. 8, No 3, 2015
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Bozena Chovancova, Peter Arendas
Keywords: passive investment strategy, interest rates, cost averaging effect, indexing, share market
JEL: G00, G10, G11
55-67 (13)