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1. Evaluating the transition to green economy in Kazakhstan: A synthetic control approach
Issue: Vol. 13, No 1, 2020
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Galiya Sansyzbayeva, Zhansaya Temerbulatova, Zhidebekkyzy Aknur, Laura Ashirbekova
Keywords: synthetic control method, the Concept of transition to green economy, CO2 emissions, decoupling effect, Kazakhstan regions, green economy, economic growth, environmental pollution, emissions of pollutants
JEL: Q01, Q53, Q56, C51
324-341 (18)
2. Comparative Analysis of Circular Economy Implementation in Poland and other European Union Countries
Issue: Vol. 12, No 4, 2019
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Anetta Zielińska
Keywords: circular economy, waste, depletion of resources, multivariate comparative analysis, Poland, EU
JEL: Q01, Q53, Q56, Q32, C38
337-347 (11)
3. Stringency of environmental regulations vs. global competitiveness: Empirical analysis
Issue: Vol. 12, No 4, 2019
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Viktor Koziuk, Yuriy Hayda, Oleksandr Dluhopolskyi, Yuriy Klapkiv
Keywords: sustainable development, ecology, environmental policy, stringency, competitiveness
JEL: F64, L51, Q52, Q53, Q54, Q58
278-298 (21)
4. Plastic recycling and waste reduction in the hospitality industry: Current challenges and some potential solutions
Issue: Vol 4 No 1 (2019)
Journal: Economics, Management and Sustainability
Authors: Abel Ramirez, Babu George
Keywords: Ecology, environment, hospitality, tourism, plastic waste, recycling, sustainability
JEL: Q53, Q56, Q57
6-20 (15)