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1. Sustainable supply chain of the biomass cluster as a factor for preservation and enhancement of forests
Issue: Vol. 12, No 2, 2019
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Mantas Svazas, Valentinas Navickas, Emilia Krajnakova, Joanna Nakonieczny
Keywords: cluster, biomass cluster, sustainable supply chain, forests
JEL: O13, P34, Q56
309-321 (13)
2. Comparative Analysis of Circular Economy Implementation in Poland and other European Union Countries
Issue: Vol. 12, No 4, 2019
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Anetta Zielińska
Keywords: circular economy, waste, depletion of resources, multivariate comparative analysis, Poland, EU
JEL: Q01, Q53, Q56, Q32, C38
337-347 (11)
3. Plastic recycling and waste reduction in the hospitality industry: Current challenges and some potential solutions
Issue: Vol 4 No 1 (2019)
Journal: Economics, Management and Sustainability
Authors: Abel Ramirez, Babu George
Keywords: Ecology, environment, hospitality, tourism, plastic waste, recycling, sustainability
JEL: Q53, Q56, Q57
6-20 (15)
4. Сircular economy in the context of alterglobalization
Issue: Vol. 11, No 4, 2018
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Andriy Krysovatyy, Iryna Zvarych, Roman Zvarych
Keywords: circular economy, alterglobalization, “economy of cowboys”, “economy of a space”, circular city, circular gap, circular countries, global “circular creditors”, circular use leaders, circular outsiders, emerging circular countries
JEL: F18, F64, F68, Q50, Q56
185-200 (16)
5. Demystifying the link between institutional theory and stakeholder theory in sustainability reporting
Issue: Vol 3 No 2 (2018)
Journal: Economics, Management and Sustainability
Authors: David Martin Herold
Keywords: sustainability reporting, stakeholder theory, institutional theory, isomorphism, organisational practices
JEL: Q56, Q57
6-19 (14)
6. The output of Environmental Goods and Services Sector in Poland
Issue: Vol. 9, No 3, 2016
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Elzbieta Broniewicz
Keywords: output, environmental economic accounts, environmental goods and services sector, national accounts
JEL: O44, Q56
53-61 (9)
7. From Financial Measures to Strategic Performance Measurement System and Corporate Sustainability: Empirical Evidence from Slovakia
Issue: Vol. 9, No 4, 2016
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Rastislav Rajnoha, Petra Lesníková, Antonín Korauš
Keywords: business measurement performance, financial measures, strategic performance management system, corporate sustainability, corporate sustainability measurement system
JEL: M14, M21, Q56
134-152 (19)
8. Quantitative indicators for social sustainability assessment of society and product responsibility aspects in supply chains
Issue: Vol. 10, No 4, 2017
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Tamara Popovic, Andrzej Kraslawski, Ana Barbosa-Póvoa, Ana Carvalho
Keywords: social sustainability, quantitative indicators, supply chain management, performance measurement
JEL: M41, Q01, Q56
9-36 (28)
9. The ways of forming the sustainable development of rural areas of Ukraine
Issue: Vol 2 No 1 (2017)
Journal: Economics, Management and Sustainability
Authors: Iryna Termosа
Keywords: sustainable development, rural areas, socio-economic development, goals of sustainable development, indicators of sustainable development, rural population, rural economy
JEL: Q15, Q56, Q57, R11
76-82 (7)
10. Solving the problem of concentration of agricultural lands by agricultural holdings from the perspective of rural development
Issue: Vol 2 No 2 (2017)
Journal: Economics, Management and Sustainability
Authors: Oleg Gorb
Keywords: agricultural holdings, local agricultural enterprises, rural areas, rural development
JEL: Q15, Q56, Q57, R11
79-85 (7)
Issue: Vol. 7, No 1, 2014
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Anetta Zielinska
Keywords: protected areas, sustainable development, sustainable management, forestry, agriculture
JEL: Q26, Q56, Q23, Q15
183-192 (10)
12. Environmental Liabilities Arising from the Transactions with Atmospheric Air as an accounting object
Issue: Vol. 6, No 2, 2013
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Irina Zamula, Anna Kireitseva
Keywords: sustainable development, atmospheric air pollution, environmentally-oriented management, accounting for environmental liabilities, environmental liabilities, Ukraine
JEL: Q01, Q56
190-200 (11)
Issue: Vol. 2, No 2, 2009
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Małgorzata Sej-Kolasa
Keywords: taxonomic methods, linear ordering, environmental management
JEL: Q56, Q57
114-122 (9)
14. The Conceptual Model for Environmental Consciousness Measurement, Economics & Sociology
Issue: Vol. 6, No 1, 2013
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Mariya Shedlovska
Keywords: environmental consciousness, sociological model, structural components, values
JEL: C60, D46, Q56
78-88 (11)
Issue: Vol. 2, No 2, 2009
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Adam Płachciak
Keywords: sustainable development, civic society, environment, public discourse, economy
JEL: Q01, Q56
85-90 (6)
16. Ecotourism from both hotels and tourists’ perspective
Issue: Vol. 5, No 2, 2012
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Arminda do Paço, Helena Alves, Carolina Nunes
Keywords: ecotourism, sustainability, environmental concern
JEL: Q56
132-142 (11)
17. Information on Corporate Social Responsibility and SME´s Environmental Responsiveness: A Regional Study
Issue: Vol. 5, No 2, 2012
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Dolores Gallardo-Vazquez, Isabel Sanchez-Hernandez
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, Environmental Responsiveness, Information about CSR, Region of Extremadura, Spain
JEL: M14, Q56
103-115 (13)
18. Towards Sustainable Development through Eco-innovations: Drivers and Barriers in Poland
Issue: Vol. 8, No 4, 2015
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Maria Urbaniec
Keywords: sustainable development, green economy, eco- innovation, drivers, barriers
JEL: O39, Q01, Q56
179-190 (12)