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1. Price stabilization policy in an emerging economy: An asymmetric approach
Issue: Vol. 12, No 2, 2019
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Jaka Sriyana
Keywords: asymmetric effect, exchange rate, fiscal policy, inflation, monetary policy
JEL: C53, E62, E63
165-181 (17)
2. Asymmetric effects of exchange rate changes on the demand for divisia money in Malaysia
Issue: Vol. 12, No 4, 2019
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Choi-Meng Leong, Chin-Hong Puah, Evan Lau, Abu Mansor Shazali
Keywords: financial liberalization, divisia monetary aggregate, exchange rate, asymmetric, money demand
JEL: C41, E52
52-62 (11)
3. Verbal interventions of the National Bank of Ukraine: The impact of exchange rate
Issue: Vol. 12, No 3, 2019
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Kateryna Anufriieva, Yuliia Shapoval
Keywords: monetary policy, central bank communication, verbal interventions, exchange rate, the National Bank of Ukraine
JEL: E30, E43, E44, E52, E58
92-108 (17)
4. The effects of exchange rate, price competitiveness indices and taxation on international tourism demand in Malaysia
Issue: Vol. 12, No 3, 2019
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Nanthakumar Loganatan, Norsiah Ahmad, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Roshaiza Taha, Abbas Mardani, Dalia Streimikiene
Keywords: exchange rate, international tourism, quantile regression; price competitiveness
JEL: C50, G20, Z32
86-97 (12)
5. Impact of remittance inflows on trade balance in developing countries
Issue: Vol. 11, No 4, 2018
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Le Thanh Tung
Keywords: trade balance, remittance inflows, GDP per capita, exchange rate, trade policy, recipient countries, developing countries, Asia-Pacific region
JEL: F13, F15, F24
80-95 (16)
6. Impact of the Main Currencies Exchange Rates on the Romanian Economic Policy Transformation
Issue: Vol. 14, No. 2 (2018)
Journal: Montenegrin Journal of Economy
Authors: Jean Andrei, Marian Zaharia, Mihaela Cristina Dragoi
Keywords: exchange rate, quantitative correlation, disruptive events, currency, uncertainty
7-19 (13)
7. The Impact of External Debt on Exchange Rate Variation in Romania
Issue: Vol. 7, No 3, 2014
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Liliana Bunescu
Keywords: exchange rate, direct external debt, private external debt
JEL: H63, F31
104-115 (12)
8. The Concept of FTS Anylysis in Forecasting Trends of Exchange Rate Changes
Issue: Vol. 7, No 2, 2014
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Ireneusz Miciuła
Keywords: forecasting, econometric model, FTS analysis, exchange rate
172-182 (11)