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1. Price stabilization policy in an emerging economy: An asymmetric approach
Issue: Vol. 12, No 2, 2019
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Jaka Sriyana
Keywords: asymmetric effect, exchange rate, fiscal policy, inflation, monetary policy
JEL: C53, E62, E63
165-181 (17)
2. Why demonetize the Indian economy?
Issue: Vol. 12, No 4, 2019
Journal: Journal of International Studies
Authors: Augendra Bhukuth, Bernard Terrany
Keywords: demonetization, inflation, FDI, make in policy, banking sector, India
JEL: E42, E52, E63, F33
9-19 (11)
3. Some Aspects of Actual CBI and Inflation in the Countries of Southeast Europe
Issue: Vol. 14, No. 2 (2018)
Journal: Montenegrin Journal of Economy
Authors: Damir Piplica, Ivo Speranda, Zvonimir Josip Perkovic
Keywords: inflation, monetary policy, monetary stability, actual CBI, TOR.
41-57 (17)
Issue: Vol. 4, No 1, 2011
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Lech Keller-Krawczyk
Keywords: economic policy, neoliberalism, Australia, quality of life, unemployment, inflation, wages
97-114 (18)
5. Interconnections between Public Indebtedness and Inflation in Contemporary Economies
Issue: Vol. 7, No 4, 2014
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Irina Bilan, Angela Roman
Keywords: public indebtedness, inflation, money supply, debt amortization
JEL: E31, E51, H63
59-70 (12)
6. The Research on the Impact of the Changes of Commodity Price Level in the World Commodity Exchanges on Variation of General Price Level
Issue: Vol. 7, No 4, 2014
Journal: Economics & Sociology
Authors: Algita Miečinskienė, Indrė Lapinskaitė
Keywords: general price level, inflation, commodity price, commodity exchange, market, Lithuania
JEL: E31
71-88 (18)