Enterprise Social Networking: Innovation Difficult to Adopt?


By having a positive effect on management sustainability, enterprise social networking (ESN) tools are becoming a more prominent form of communication within enterprises. Despite the reasonably predictable benefits of ESN tools for communication and information sharing within organizations, the experience in a number of companies shows that such innovations are not easily adoptable. An analysis of failure instead of success stories gives a wider understanding of the risks and dangers that organizations might face and ways to overcome them. The chosen theoretical framework of diffusion of innovation gives a couple of different perspectives of the same situation, analysing premises of innovation decision, innovation development, innovation process variables and actors. The research completed emphasizes on the importance of combining different stakeholders’ positions to have a 360-degree view of the situation, make an analysis of organizational climate and have in mind a specifics of the ICT-based innovation itself. However, most important tasks are to plan steps of innovation development and to support the system in detail.