Flats’ Prices Indexes on the Secondary Market in Poznań during 1996-2006

Title: Flats’ Prices Indexes on the Secondary Market in Poznań during 1996-2006
Issue: Vol. 1, No 1, 2008
Published date: 20-11-2008 (print) / 20-11-2008 (online)
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Authors: Radosław Trojanek
Keywords: housing market, house price indexes
DOI: 10.14254/2071-8330.2008/1-1/15
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/article/f763630b284248218bd15d3e63418b79
Language: English
Pages: 154-160 (7)
Website: https://www.jois.eu/?43,en_flats%E2%80%99-prices%E2%80%99-indices-at-the-secondary-market-in-poznan-during-1996-2006
File https://www.jois.eu/files/TrojanekR.pdf

The main aim of the paper was identification of price changes on the secondary flat market during 1996-2006 in Poznań. The subject scope resulted from the aim of the paper and included price fluctuations on the secondary flat market, involving both property rights and cooperative property rights for private accommodation. The time scope involved the period of 1996-2006, which was connected with the scope of empirical research which concerned shaping the price level of 1 m² of flat. Flat prices indexes per square metre in Poznań were constructed with a mix-adjustment method. From theoretical point of view the aim of this method is to define the pure change flat price. The data on asking prices used to construct flat price indexes were published in weekly magazine, “Kup Dom” in the years 1996-2006. As a result of methodological processes (repeated sales offers were omitted – this phenomenon of repeated offers was caused by reporting them to more than one agency.) the quantity of base data decreased half as much and amounted to 51000. The number of collected offers in Poznań satisfies the condition of representative sample.