Income Policy in the Country under Transition - Some Remarks

Title: Income Policy in the Country under Transition - Some Remarks
Issue: Vol. 2, No 1, 2008
Published date: 20-05-2009 (print) / 20-05-2009 (online)
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Authors: Bartosz Godziszewski
Keywords: Incomes policy, transition, pension system, social security
DOI: 10.14254/2071-8330.2008/2-1/5
Language: English
Pages: 50-58 (9)
JEL classification: P51

Incomes policy issues have been widely discussed in modern economics. The income policy in its “classical” meaning was treated as counter inflation strategy which contrary to monetarist attitude allowed to curb inflation without causing rise in unemployment. It mainly based on wages and prices controls. However in case of country under transition meaning of this term is much wider than prices and wages control. One has to notify that much bigger number of people that in case of western economies has income from state financed pension and social security systems. The main aim of this paper is to show differences between definitions of incomes policy in its classical meaning and solutions proposed by polish Authors. This is very for analysis of economic policy in countries under transition.