Implementation of logistic approaches in forming the agricultural export strategy in Ukraine


The work is aimed at analysing the state and prospects of implementing the export potential of the agrarian sector of Ukraine, the structure of which is based on the principles of transition from the abstract to the concrete. The study begins with the definition of factors that shape the export opportunities of the agrarian sector, namely: the quality of the factors of agricultural production (objects of labour, means of labour); the branch structure of agricultural production; the state of the systems of certification and quality control of export products; the diversification of markets; the access to financial resources; the level of the marketing support of export; the mechanisms of the realization of the state export policy; the state of development of agro-logistics. It has been proved that in the short term, the production components are not decisive in the processes of using and expanding the existing export potential of the national agrarian sector. In the modern conditions the state of logistics infrastructure is coming to the forefront. In the general problem of agro-logistics, the following levels are distinguished: micro-, meso-, macro-, and supranational. In each of them we have identified "the bottlenecks" of the process of building up export potential from the point of view of agro-logistics. The ways of increasing the export potential of the agrarian sector in Ukraine have been proposed. These include: the development of container transportation sphere; the creation of effective mechanisms for directing funds of united territorial communities for the development of regional logistics infrastructure; the reform of Ukrzaliznytsia (JSC “Ukrainian Railways”); the development of alternative variants of supply chains by improving the infrastructure of the automobile and river transport; the expansion of the representation of Ukraine in the world governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to protect the national trade interests; the formation of the system of training personnel capable of adapting to changing market conditions.


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