Vol. 13, No 1, 2020

Issue: Vol. 13, No 1, 2020
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Published date: 03-2020 (print) / 03-2020 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2306-3483/13/1
Website: https://www.jois.eu/?en_vol.-13-no-1-2020,60
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# [1-20/24] Title Pages
1. Factors affecting the capital structure: New evidence from GCC countries
Authors: Audil Rashid Khaki, Ahmet Akin
Keywords: capital structure, leverage, firm-specific factors, GCC countries
JEL: G32
9-27 (19)
2. Enablers of hybrid warfare: The Bulgarian case
Authors: Boyan Hadzhiev
Keywords: hybrid warfare, national security, Bulgaria, Russia
JEL: H56, F51, D74
28-43 (16)
3. Determinants of regional trade agreements: Global evidence based on gravity models
Authors: Attila Jámbor, Péter Gál, Áron Török
Keywords: regions, trade agreements, gravity model, geographical indications, world trade
JEL: F13, F14
44-57 (14)
4. Different characteristics of the aggregate of accounting earnings between developed and developing countries: Evidence for predicting future GDP
Authors: Sumiyana Sumiyana
Keywords: accounting earnings, gross domestic product, developing countries, future growth
JEL: M21, O16, P44
58-80 (23)
5. Testing the Polish society security
Authors: Patryk Babiarz, Dorota Kamuda, Aldona Migała-Warchoł
Keywords: security, crime rates, economic measures, progressive stepwise regression, Poland
JEL: C15, C24, D63
81-92 (12)
6. Evaluating the quality of hotel services based on tourists' perceptions and expectations: The case study of Armenia
Authors: Gayane Tovmasyan
Keywords: hotel quality, loyalty, survey, perception, expectation, importance, IPA, ARMQUAL, Armenia
JEL: L83, Z32
93-107 (15)
7. Harmonization of socioeconomic policy and institutional set-up for efficient operation on Nepal-India open border small business
Authors: Udaya Raj Paudel, Niranjan Devkota
Keywords: harmonization, Nepal-India open border, small business, socioeconomic policy, institutional set-up
JEL: F50, G18, O53, Z13
108-122 (15)
8. The fragility in the land of refugees: Jordan and irrepressible phenomenon of refugee camps
Authors: Hind Alshoubaki, Lucio Zazzara
Keywords: fragility, refugee camp, resilience, risk
JEL: R23, R58
123-142 (20)
9. Intellectual property rights, R&D expenditures, and high-tech exports in the EU transition economies
Authors: Yilmaz Bayar, Rita Remeikienė, Ligita Gasparėnienė
Keywords: Intellectual Property Rights, R&D Expenditures, FDI inflows, High-Tech Exports, Panel Data Analysis
JEL: C23, F14, O30, O40
143-154 (12)
10. Differences in the financial structure of Slovak and Czech enterprises operating in machinery manufacturing and equipment industry
Authors: Lenka Kalusova, Peter Badura
Keywords: financial structure, internal corporate factors, external factors of macroenvironment, Slovak and Czech enterprises
JEL: G32, E22, D22
155-169 (15)
11. Foreign direct investment in the Republic of Serbia: Correlation between foreign direct investments and the selected economic variables
Authors: László Vasa, Aleksandra Angeloska
Keywords: FDI inflow and outflow, GDP growth, employment, trade balance, Serbia
JEL: E22, E24, F21, F23
170-183 (14)
12. Relationship between tourism sector and export: VAR analysis using Kazakhstan as case study
Authors: Nurkhodzha Akbulaev, Sudabe Salihova
Keywords: Kazakhstan, economic growth, tourism revenues, causality analysis, VAR
JEL: C22, O40
184-195 (12)
13. Foreign direct investment inflows to Malaysia: Do macroeconomic policies matter?
Authors: Atif Awad
Keywords: foreign direct investment, openness, exchange rate, Malaysia
JEL: F21, F40, F41
196-211 (16)
14. General trends and competitiveness of Australian life insurance industry
Authors: Mykhailo Arych, Walter Darcy
Keywords: life insurance, competitiveness, density, penetration, concentration ratios, Herfindahl-Hirschman index, market structure, Australia
JEL: G22, L41
212-233 (22)
15. Political stability and innovation in Africa
Authors: James Okrah, Marzena Hajduk-Stelmachowicz
Keywords: innovations, patent activities, institutions and organisations, political stability, rule of law, entrepreneurship
JEL: O30, O55, F55, K10, M14
234-246 (13)
16. Earnings management and cash holdings: Evidence from energy firms in Vietnam
Authors: Nguyen Vinh Khuong, Nguyen Thanh Liem, Mai Thi Hoang Minh
Keywords: accrual-based earnings management, real activities management, corporate cash holdings, Vietnam
JEL: G30, G34, M41
247-261 (15)
17. Development of liquid biofuel market: Impact assessment of the new support system in Ukraine
Authors: Iryna Cheban, Anatoliy Dibrova
Keywords: liquid biofuel, econometric models, partial equilibrium, mandatory indicative target, Ukraine
JEL: Q42, C32, C51, Q28
262-278 (17)
18. Performance risk analysis on mutual funds versus stock exchanges in young financial markets
Authors: Luminita Nicolescu, Florentin Gabriel Tudorache, Armenia Androniceanu
Keywords: mutual funds, Central and Eastern Europe, financial markets, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary
JEL: G15, G23, F30, F65
279-294 (16)
19. Cybervetting prospective employees of SMEs
Authors: Zoltan Rozsa, Iveta Kmecová
Keywords: social networks, screening, cybervetting, HRM, SMEs
JEL: J00, M12, M54
295-309 (15)
20. Russian culture and management of meaning in introduction of political influence in Ukraine
Authors: Mykhailo Sazhniev, Joanna Sułkowska
Keywords: Ukraine, interdependence, cultural situation, disinformation, post-truth
JEL: F50, F54, F52, Z13
310-323 (14)