Vol 6 No 1 (2021)

Issue: Vol 6 No 1 (2021)
Journal: Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics
ISSN: 2520-2979
Published date: 05-2021 (print) / 05-2021 (print)
Language: English
Website: https://jsdtl.sciview.net/index.php/jsdtl/issue/view/11
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1. Combination of different means of parcel deliveries in urban logistics in adverse weather conditions
Authors: Lidiia ‌ Savchenko, Sophia Zhigula, Kate Yurchenko, Yuriy Vovk, Andrii Oleksiuk
Keywords: city logistics, parcel delivery, bad weather conditions, internal and external costs, commination of different means of delivery
6-17 (12)
2. How does the value of time influence road user costs during work zone closures? A case study in El Paso, Texas, using simulation-based modeling methods
Authors: Jeffrey Shelton, Peter T Martin
Keywords: value of time, work zone, road user cost, dynamic traffic assignment, advanced traveler information
18-31 (14)
3. Social influence and impact of social media on users’ mobility decisions
Authors: Maria Karatsoli, Eftihia Nathanail
Keywords: activity planning, mode choice, questionnaire survey, travel behavior, sustainable mobility, Information Communication Technology, ordinal regression
18-31 (14)
4. Analysis of road transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance for sustainable development in South-Western Nigeria
Authors: Olusegun Onifade Adepoju
Keywords: road transport, infrastructure, construction, maintenance, Nigeria
49-58 (10)
5. Multimodal pricing model in a deficit public transport market: Implication of informal transport
Authors: Dhibi Mohamed
Keywords: informal transport, public transport, pricing model, first best and second best models
59-71 (13)
6. Grade impact investigation during stopping sight distance determination on 3D road environment
Authors: Stergios Mavromatis, Vassilios Matragos
Keywords: stopping sight distance, 3D road environment, grade
72-80 (9)
7. Information flow between revenue and stock exchanges: An empirical research on liner shipping companies
Authors: Abdullah Açık, Esra Baran Kasapoğlu, İlke Sezin Ayaz
Keywords: volatility spillover, information flow, stock price, freight index, liner shipping
81-89 (9)