Vol. 15, No. 1 (2019)

Issue: Vol. 15, No. 1 (2019)
Journal: Montenegrin Journal of Economics
ISSN: 1800-5845, eISSN: 1800-6698
Published date: 03-2019 (print) / 15-03-2019 (print)
Language: English
Tables of Contents
# [1-8/8] Title Pages
1. Does Foreign Direct Investment Really Support Private Investment in an Emerging Economy? An Empirical Evidence in Vietnam
Authors: Le Thanh Tung
7-20 (14)
2. The Sufficiency Principle as the Ideas Quintessence of the Club of Rome
Authors: Bagrat Yerznkyan, Svetlana Bychkova, Timur Gataullin, Sergey Gataullin
21-29 (9)
3. Consequences of Raising The Retirement Age for the Labor Market in the Regions of Russia
Authors: Valery P. Chichkanov, Elena V. Chistova, Alexander N. Tyrsin, Anatoly N. Stepanov
31-45 (15)
4. The Effect of Operational Flexibility on Performance: A Field Study on Small and Medium-sized Industrial Companies in Jordan
Authors: Allam Yousuf, Hossam Haddad, Miklós Pakurár, Serhii Kozlovskyi, Anastasiia Mohylova, Oksana Shlapak, Felföldi János
47-60 (14)
5. Factors Influencing the Profitability of Heavy Vehicle Industry: A Case of Pakistan
Authors: Muhammad Aqil, Rizwan Raheem Ahmed, Jolita Vveinhardt, Dalia Streimikiene
61-72 (12)
6. The Comprehensive Method of Solving the Multiple Internal Rate of Return Problem
Authors: Ivo Speranda, Zdenko Speranda
73-86 (14)
7. Assessment of Corporate Income Tax Revenues in the Light of Their Current Determinants
Authors: Slavomira Tahlova, Anna Banociova
87-97 (11)
8. The Effects of Organizational Culture and Dimensions on Job Satisfaction and Work-Life Balance
Authors: Miodraga Stefanovska–Petkovska, Ilijana Petrovska, Marjan Bojadziev, Ilijana Schaeffer, Ana Tomovska-Misoska
99-112 (14)