Vol. 8, No 3, 2015

Issue: Vol. 8, No 3, 2015
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 20-10-2015 (print) / 20-10-2015 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2071-789X/8/3
Website: http://www.economics-sociology.eu/?en_vol.-8-no-3-2015,46
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1. The Mediating Role of Leadership Relationship in Building Organisational Trust on Ethical Culture of an Organisation
Authors: Raminta Pučėtaitė, Aurelija Novelskaitė, Laura Markūnaitė
Keywords: ethical culture of an organisation; leadership relationship; Lithuania; organisational trust; socio-cultural context
JEL: L33, M14, O30
11-31 (21)
2. Impact of IMF Assistance on Economic Growth Revisited
Authors: Jan Fidrmuc, Stefani Kostagianni
Keywords: IMF; economic growth; endogeneity; instrumental variables
JEL: O11, F33
32-40 (9)
3. Macroeconomic Determinants of Household Savings in Ukraine
Authors: Mykola Zhuk
Keywords: household savings, gross domestic savings, Ukraine, error correction model, unit root
JEL: C22, E21
41-54 (14)
4. Long Term Passive Investment Strategies as a Part of Pension Systems
Authors: Bozena Chovancova, Peter Arendas
Keywords: passive investment strategy, interest rates, cost averaging effect, indexing, share market
JEL: G00, G10, G11
55-67 (13)
5. Connected Lending and Aggregate Productivity
Authors: Siwapong Dheera-aumpon
Keywords: financial intermediaries, productivity
68-81 (14)
6. Bank Customers’ Satisfaction, Customers’ Loyalty and Additional Purchases of Banking Products and Services. A Case Study from the Czech Republic
Authors: Anna Chochoľáková, Lenka Gabčová, Jaroslav Belás, Juraj Sipko
Keywords: commercial bank, bank customers’ satisfaction, loyalty of bank clients, additional purchases of banking products and services
JEL: G21
82-94 (13)
7. The Impact of Financial Postion on Risk Asset Ratios: Emirical Study of Banking Sector Listed in Muscat Security Market
Authors: Faris Alshubiri
Keywords: Financial Position, Risk Asset, Empirical Analysis MSM, Banking Sector
JEL: G32, D22, G21
95-107 (13)
8. Price Discount for the Increased Order as a Cooperative Game in Bilateral Monopoly
Authors: Sławomir Kalinowski
Keywords: bilateral monopoly, Nash bargaining solution, cooperative games, Bowley equilibrium
JEL: C71, C78, L11
108-118 (11)
9. Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of Russian Telecommunication Companies
Authors: Рavel Коrchagin, Еlena Коrneeva, Natalya Nikitina
Keywords: telecommunications, efficiency, regression analysis, Russian Federation, competitiveness
JEL: L96, D22, D24, L23
119-130 (12)
10. Social Legitimation of Capitalism in Ukraine: from Socio-cultural Path-dependence to Rationalization of Economic Situation
Authors: Volodymyr Reznik, Oleksandr Reznik
Keywords: social legitimation, capitalism, path-dependence problem, rationalization of economic situation, Ukraine
131-144 (14)
11. Big Five Personality and Different Meanings of Happiness of Consumers
Authors: Hyunhee Woo, Hyung Jun Ahn
Keywords: Happiness, Big Five Personality, Text- Mining, Blog
JEL: M31
145-154 (10)
12. Housing and Poverty in Southern Ethiopia: Examining Affordability of Condominium Houses in Hawassa City
Authors: Bereket Regassa, Nigatu Regassa
Keywords: Affordability, shelter- poverty, condominium, housing, conventional measures
JEL: I32
155-169 (15)
13. If there were a ‘Highly Skilled Red Octopus’? The Case of Italian Highly Skilled Mobility at Times of Crisis
Authors: Fabiana Minneci
Keywords: highly skilled mobility, economic crisis, Southern European countries, Italy
JEL: F22, I23, J60
170-182 (13)
14. Economic Effects of Second Homes: a Case Study in Portugal
Authors: José António de Oliveira, Maria de Nazaré Oliveira Roca, Zoran Roca
Keywords: second home housing, economic effects, local development
183-196 (14)
15. Relative Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Croatia
Authors: Valerija Botrić
Keywords: immigrants, unemployment, employment, Croatia
JEL: J15, J61
197-214 (18)
16. Demographic and Human Capital Heterogeneity in Selected Provinces of Turkey: A Scenario Analysis Using Multi-dimensional Population Projection Model
Authors: Mustafa Murat Yüceşahin, Samir KC
Keywords: Sub-national population projection; human capital; fertility; mortality; migration; Turkey
JEL: J11, J19
215-244 (30)
17. Model of Information Society Measurement – Framework and Selected Outcomes
Authors: Rafał Żelazny
Keywords: information society, measurement, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland
JEL: A12, O18
245-259 (15)
18. The Value of a University Degree in the European Context: the Case of Part-time Students in the Czech Republic
Authors: Kateřina Maršíková
Keywords: Overeducation, educational mismatch, rate of return, European Social Survey, PIAAC
JEL: J21, J24, J31
260-271 (12)
19. Family Decisions on the Tourist Market
Authors: Agata Niemczyk
Keywords: family decisions, tourist market, Krakow, survey
JEL: D11, D12, L83
272-283 (12)