Vol 3 No 1 (2018)

Issue: Vol 3 No 1 (2018)
Journal: Economics, Management and Sustainability
ISSN: 2520-6303
Published date: 27-04-2018 (print) / 27-04-2018 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2520-6303/3/1
Website: https://jems.sciview.net/index.php/jems/issue/view/4
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# [1-9/9] Title Pages
1. The impact of Brexit on the UK inwards FDI
Authors: Mihaela Simionescu
Keywords: Brexit, foreign direct investment, FDI projects, Poisson model, differences-in-differences estimator
JEL: C51, C53, F21
6-20 (15)
2. Linking transformational leadership with organizational health of secondary school teachers: A conceptual model and research proposition
Authors: Anantha Raj Arokiasamy
Keywords: transformational leadership style, school culture, organizational health, job satisfaction, school principals
JEL: A21, H75, I21
21-33 (13)
3. Intellectual potential as a means of reproduction and renewal of the unity of productive forces and industrial relations
Authors: Sergey Voit, Vladimir Tkachenko, Irina Oleshkevich
Keywords: production forces, production processes, social structure, technological method of production, transformation, technological innovations, structural changes
JEL: O32, L16, L52
34-43 (10)
4. Specific risks and profitability of Islamic Banks in MENA region
Keywords: composite indicators, DEA, income-efficiency, Islamic banks, performance, risks, z-score, Panel analysis, Ranking tests
JEL: G21, C67, G14, C23, C14
44-57 (14)
5. Management of functionaries’ development of the enterprise management system by application of the criteria experts assessment by method of functional reliability
Authors: Victor Petrenko, Roman Psiuk
Keywords: manager, behavior, strategy, human resources, development of enterprise, management, results
JEL: M12, O15
58-64 (7)
6. European economies suffer a crisis of combination
Authors: Noralv Veggeland
Keywords: Regulation, Keynesianism, financial crisis, poor politics
JEL: H12, E12, P16
65-69 (5)
7. The role of regional migration policy in the development of migration processes
Authors: Roman Stakanov
Keywords: regional migration policy, international labour migration, regional integration associations, regional integration, regional trade agreements, correlation-regression relationship
JEL: F22, O15, R23
70-78 (9)
8. Bromic Heating Co business exposure project to the Chile market
Authors: Sergey Serbin, Alexander Serbin
Keywords: South America’s regional economics, market size and PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis, Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions, Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity
JEL: D40, F16, L10
79-93 (15)
9. The ranking of insurance companies from Romania based on multicriterial analysis
Authors: Gabriela Bilevsky
Keywords: Bankruptcy risk, insurance, multicriterial analysis, sustainable development
JEL: G32, G22, G33, G19
94-100 (7)