Vol. 14, No. 2 (2018)

Issue: Vol. 14, No. 2 (2018)
Journal: Montenegrin Journal of Economics
ISSN: 1800-5845, eISSN: 1800-6698
Published date: 06-2018 (print) / 06-2018 (print)
Language: English
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# [1-12/12] Title Pages
1. Impact of the Main Currencies Exchange Rates on the Romanian Economic Policy Transformation
Authors: Jean Andrei, Marian Zaharia, Mihaela Cristina Dragoi
Keywords: exchange rate, quantitative correlation, disruptive events, currency, uncertainty
7-19 (13)
2. Risk Management of Dollarization in Banking: Case of Post-Soviet Countries
Authors: Andrii Kaminskyi, Nataliia Versal
Keywords: financial dollarization, banking, post-Soviet countries, currency shocks.
21-40 (20)
3. Some Aspects of Actual CBI and Inflation in the Countries of Southeast Europe
Authors: Damir Piplica, Ivo Speranda, Zvonimir Josip Perkovic
Keywords: inflation, monetary policy, monetary stability, actual CBI, TOR.
41-57 (17)
4. Social Aspect of Sustainable Development: Issues of Poverty and Food Shortage
Authors: Asta Mikalauskiene, Raminta Narutaviciute-Cikanauske, Ingrida Sarkiunaite, Dalia Streimikiene, Rumyana Zlateva
Keywords: poverty, food shortage, sustainable development, sustainable development indicators.
59-78 (20)
5. An Estimation of the Logistics Potential of Enterprises in the Region’s Management
Authors: Volodymyr Govorukha, Olga Kuchkova
Keywords: logistical capacity, management, innovation, strategy, economic development.
79-89 (11)
6. Activation of the Economic Security of Ukraine in Terms of the European Integration
Authors: Andrii Kubaienko
Keywords: Economic security, index of European integration, directions development, consequences of euro-integration, scenarios of changes.
91-114 (24)
7. Organizational Agility Conceptual Model
Authors: Rima Zitkiene, Mindaugas Deksnys
Keywords: Organization agility, business, conceptual model, market environment, organizational framework.
115-129 (15)
8. Implementation of Du Pont Model in Non-Financial Corporations
Authors: Sylvia Jencova, Eva Litavcova, Petra Vasanicova
Keywords: Du Pont, model, profitability, return on equity, corporation.
131-141 (11)
9. Resource Misallocation and Rice Productivity in Thailand
Authors: Siwapong Dheera - Aumpon
Keywords: allocation, efficiency, output, rice, Thailand.
143-153 (11)
10. Span of Control in Teamwork and Organization Structure
Authors: Katarina Remenova, Zuzana Skorkova, Nadezda Jankelova
Keywords: span of control, teamwork, team leader, functional area of control, management level
155-165 (11)
11. Network Topology of Renewable Energy Sector in Stock Exchange
Authors: Mansooreh Kazemilari, Ali Mohamadi, Abbas Mardani, Dalia Streimikiene
Keywords: Topological network analysis, Stock market, Renewable energy sector
167-174 (8)
12. The Effect of Word of Mouth Marketıng on the Purchase Behavıor Vıa Brand Image and Perceıved Qualıty
Authors: Zuhrem Yaman
Keywords: word of mouth marketing, purchase behavior, brand image, perceived quality.
175-182 (8)