Vol. 16, No. 4 (2020)

Issue: Vol. 16, No. 4 (2020)
Journal: Montenegrin Journal of Economics
ISSN: 1800-5845, eISSN: 1800-6698
Published date: 15-11-2020 (print) / 10-11-2020 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/1800-6698/16/4
Tables of Contents
# [1-16/16] Title Pages
1. Interdependence of Quality of Life and Happiness of the Population in Southeast European Countries
Authors: Drago Pupavac, Milica Delibasic, Justin Pupavac, Justas Streimikis
7-16 (10)
2. Change In Stakeholder Utility Function During Crisis
Authors: Vasilisa Makarova, Adel Dalal
17-28 (12)
3. The Assessment Of Financial Risks Of Municipally Owned Public Utility Companies In Hungary Between 2009 And 2018
Authors: Csaba Lentner, László Vasa, Szilárd Hegedűs
29-42 (14)
4. Estimates Of Economic Complexity In The Structure Of The Regional Economy
Authors: Mikhail Y. Afanasyev, Alexander V. Kudrov
43-54 (12)
5. A General Model Based On The Dupont System Of Financial Analysis For Identification, Analysis And Solution Of A Potential Crisis In A Business
Authors: Josef Kasik, Petr Snapka
55-66 (12)
6. Methods Of Economic Evaluation Of Concession Project Effectiveness
Authors: Khrystyna Danylkiv, Khrystyna Gorbova, Nataliia Hembarska, Viktor Trynchuk, Yurii Paida, Volodymyr Havran
67-84 (18)
7. Corruption, Shadow Economy And Economic Growth: Evidence From Emerging And Developing Asian Economies
Authors: Thi Anh Nhu Nguyen, Thi Thuy Huong Luong
85-96 (12)
8. Empirical Links Between Global Value Chains, Trade, And Unemployment
Authors: Mehmet Demiral, Ozge Demiral, Aizhan Khoich, Aigul Maidyrova
97-108 (12)
9. Estimation The Economic Value Of Irrigation Water For Rice Farms In Iran
Authors: Shahab Kohzad, Seyed Nematollah Moosavi, Seyed Mohammad Hashem Moosavi Haghighi
109-122 (14)
10. Corporate Performance Measurement Using An Integrated Approach: A Mongolian Case
Authors: Batchimeg Bayaraa, Tibor Tarnoczi, Veronika Fenyves
123-134 (12)
11. Overconfidence, Gender And Tax Compliance: The Indonesian Evidence
Authors: Devista Yoga Prasetyo, Priyo Hari Adi, Theresia Woro Damayanti
135-144 (10)
12. The Relationship Between Insurance And Economic Growth
Authors: Zekai Senol, Fatma Zeren, Mehmet Canakci
145-156 (12)
13. The Limits Of Neoliberal Globalization
Authors: Rajko Tomas
157-170 (14)
14. Impact Of The Selected Predictors On Cross-border Mergers And Acquisitions In The Industry And Service Sectors
Authors: Jaroslava Heckova, Alexandra Chapcakova, Tomas Valentiny, Stela Markova, Lucia Zbihlejova
171-186 (16)
15. Determining The Strategic Prospects Of An Enterprise By Assessing The Dynamics Of Its Intellectual Rent
Authors: Nikolay Dmitriev, Andrey Zaytsev, Lyudmila Dubanevich
187-198 (12)
16. The Impact Of Fiscal Policy On The Unemployment Rate In Egypt
Authors: EmaD Attia Mohamed Omran, Yuriy Bilan
199-209 (11)