Vol. 11, No 3, 2018

Issue: Vol. 11, No 3, 2018
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Published date: 09-2018 (print) / 09-2018 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2306-3483/11/3
Website: http://www.jois.eu/?en_vol.-11-no-3-2018,54
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# [1-20/23] Title Pages
1. Forcing Russia to Respect Minsk Protocols with dollar auction-game model
Authors: Viljar Veebel, Raul Markus
Keywords: Russia, sanctions, conditionality, interdependence, game theory
JEL: F10, F50, P40
9-20 (12)
2. Does foreign aid contribute to or impeded economic growth?
Authors: Thian-Hee Yiew, Evan Lau
Keywords: foreign aid, economic growth, developing countries, panel data
JEL: F35, O40, C23
21-30 (10)
3. Transition management applications to accelerate sustainable food consumption – comparative analysis between Switzerland and Hungary
Authors: Csaba Fogarassy, Huu Hoang Nguyen, Judit Oláh, József Popp
Keywords: sustainable consumption, transition thinking, transition management, multi-level perspective, strategic transition, tactical transition, operative transition
JEL: O13, O17, O44, O52, D12, D78
31-43 (13)
4. R&D spillovers and cartelization of industries with differentiated products
Authors: Jacek Prokop, Adam Karbowski
Keywords: &D spillovers, industry cartelization, Stackelberg competition, heterogeneous products, linear cost functions
JEL: L13, L41, O31
44-56 (13)
5. Foreign-owned companies in countries with an unstable economy: The case of the automotive industry in Russia
Authors: Vladislav Spitsin, Alexander Mikhalchuk, Lubov Spitsina, Darko B. Vukovic
Keywords: foreign direct investment (FDI), automotive industry, economic sanctions, foreign and joint ownership, Russia
JEL: F21, Q30, Q14
57-69 (13)
6. The effect of country of origin on consumer-based brand equity (CBBE) of Colombian consumers: An empirical investigation of Samsung vs. Huawei brands
Authors: Renee B. Kim, Yan Chao
Keywords: country of origin, consumer-based brand equity, perceived quality, Colombia, Samsung, Huawei, smartphone
JEL: D11, N56, P59
70-81 (12)
7. Analysis of the asymmetric impacts of oil prices on food prices in oil-exporting developing countries
Authors: Daniel Francois Meyer, Kazeem Abimbola Sanusi, Adewale Hassan
Keywords: ARDL model, asymmetry, developing countries, food prices, oil price
JEL: C23, E17
82-94 (13)
8. Holistic well-being of Japanese retirees in Malaysia
Authors: Jeffrey Lawrence D’Silva, Asnarulkhadi Abu Samah
Keywords: holistic well-being, objective dimension, subjective dimension, retirees, Malaysia
JEL: I30, J15, J14
95-103 (9)
9. Competitive advantage effects on firm performance: A Case study of startups in Thailand
Authors: Pisit Potjanajaruwit
Keywords: Competitive advantage, technological capability, interorganizational collaboration, startup performance
JEL: N51
104-111 (8)
10. Stakeholder perception of financial performance in corporate reputation formation
Authors: Ivan Derun, Hanna Mysaka
Keywords: brand, consumer perception, corporate reputation, financial performance, financial statements, intellectual capital, internally generated goodwill, investor perception, market capitalization
JEL: M41, M31, M21
112-123 (12)
11. Regional disparities in financing innovations in small and medium-sized enterprises
Authors: Eva Koišová, Eva Grmanová, Jozef Habánik
Keywords: small and medium-sized enterprises, innovation, region, Slovak Republic
JEL: R58, G21, O16
124-136 (13)
12. Factors influencing the Middle East tourist travelling to Malaysia: The quantile estimates
Authors: Suraya Ismail, Nanthakumar Loganathan, Dalia Streimikiene, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Abbas Mardani, Wan Anisah Endut
Keywords: Middle East, oil prices, quantile regression, real exchange rate, domestic tourism prices
JEL: E31, F31, Q40, Z32
137-146 (10)
13. Gender differences in perception of the university education quality as applied to entrepreneurial intention
Authors: Gentjan Çera, Martin Cepel, Sandra Zakutna, Zoltan Rozsa
Keywords: students, quality of education, entrepreneurial intention, gender
JEL: M13, D83
147-160 (14)
14. How do banks implement the capital regulation requirement?
Authors: Ho Thanh Tung, Jaroslav Belás, Tatyana Baideldinova
Keywords: bank regulation, capital regulation, Basel regulation, bank efficiency, adjustment speed, Vietnamese commercial banks
JEL: D24, E51, G21, G28
161-175 (15)
15. Information asymmetry and accounting conservatism: Does analyst coverage moderate the results?
Authors: Atik Isniawati, Rahmawati Rahmawati, Ardi Gunardi
Keywords: accounting conservatism; information asymmetry; analyst coverage; Indonesia
JEL: M41
176-190 (15)
16. The effect of fiscal deficit on economic growth in an emerging economy: Evidence from Vietnam
Authors: Le Thanh Tung
Keywords: fiscal deficit, economic growth, private investment, foreign direct investment, net exports, emerging economies, CIVETS, Vietnam
JEL: E61, E62, H61, H62
191-203 (13)
17. Evaluation of important credit risk factors in the SME segment
Authors: Ján Dvorský, Jaroslav Schönfeld, Anna Kotásková, Zora Petráková
Keywords: small and medium-sized enterprises, credit risk, banks, company’s age, gender, education of businesspersons
JEL: L26
204-216 (13)
18. Estimating the interrelation between energy security and macroeconomic factors in European countries
Authors: Andriy Stavytskyy, Ganna Kharlamova, Vincentas Giedraitis, Vaidotas Šumskis
Keywords: energy security, index, panel regression, energy policy, macroeconomics, Europe
JEL: Q30, Q43, Q48
217-238 (22)
19. The factors driving the synergy value in mergers of mechanical engineering companies in the Czech Republic
Authors: Mária Režňáková, Jan Pěta
Keywords: mergers in mechanical engineering, effect of mergers, operating synergies, capital cash flow, value of synergies, Czech Republic
JEL: G32, G34, L20
239-254 (16)
20. Changing people demands to policies: The roles of elected representatives at Kubang Pasu District, Malaysia
Authors: Malike Brahim, Musliza Mohamad, Mohamad Zaki Ahmad
Keywords: demands, elected representatives, Malaysian societies, policy implementations, public policy
JEL: A13, D31, D78
255-270 (16)