Vol. 14, No 2, 2021

Issue: Vol. 14, No 2, 2021
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 06-2021 (print) / 06-2021 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2071-789X/14/2
Website: https://www.economics-sociology.eu/?en_vol.-14-no-2-2021,70
Tables of Contents
# [1-18/18] Title Pages
1. A similar effect of volunteering and pensions on subjective wellbeing of elderly
Authors: Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn, Leszek Morawski
11-39 (29)
2. Taxes and the incentive to work under flat and progressive tax systems in Slovakia
Authors: Orkhan Nadirov, Bruce Dehning, Drahomira Pavelkova
40-55 (16)
3. Savings behaviour of bottom income group: Is there any role for financial efficacy and risk preference?
Authors: Suriyani Muhamad, Suhal Kusairi, Nadia Zamri
56-70 (15)
4. Factors that affect quality of work life of the millennials linked to the commercial sector in Colombia
Authors: Laura Martínez-Buelvas, Olga Jaramillo-Naranjo, Enrique De La Hoz-Dominguez
71-84 (14)
5. The impact of public governance on the economic growth: Evidence from gulf cooperation council countries
Authors: Maryam Al-Naser, Allam Hamdan
85-110 (26)
6. Integrative trust and innovation on financial performance in disruptive era
Authors: Judit Oláh, Yusmar Hidayat, József Popp, Zoltán Lakner, Sándor Kovács
111-136 (26)
7. Major obstacles in innovative activities of family-owned SMEs: Evidence from Czechia
Authors: Mehmet Civelek, Aleksandr Ključnikov, Vendula Fialova, Andrea Folvarčná, Milan Stoch
137-149 (13)
8. Consumption in Polish households - production function parameters and monetary value of non-market goods
Authors: Jacek Jankiewicz, Przemysław Garsztka, Ewa Jarosz
150-166 (17)
9. Basic income support in Europe: A cross-national analysis based on the European Social Survey Round 8
Authors: Mariusz Baranowski, Piotr Jabkowski
167-183 (17)
10. Values of family businesses in Czech Republic in the context of socioemotional wealth
Authors: Miroslav Jurásek, Naděžda Petrů, Zdenek Caha, Jaroslav Belas,
184-208 (25)
11. Artist, creator, manager, entrepreneur, leader: How society perceive these identities?
Authors: Michał Szostak, Łukasz Sułkowski
209-221 (13)
12. Innovativeness and entrepreneurship: socioeconomic remarks on regional development in peripheral regions
Authors: Anna Lewandowska, Mateusz Stopa, Elżbieta Inglot-Brzęk
222-235 (14)
13. How humor and fear in social advertising affect drivers‘ intention to change behaviour? The case analysis
Authors: Agota Giedrė Raišienė, Walter Wymer, Valda Dirginčienė
236-251 (16)
14. Beneficial explanation for SME’s e-commerce adoption: The sequential stages of organizational, industrial and national readiness
Authors: Sumiyana Sumiyana, Ghina Susilo
252-273 (22)
15. Development as happiness: A multidimensional analysis of subjective well-being in Indonesia
Authors: Sujarwoto Sujarwoto
274-293 (20)
16. Entrepreneurial orientation and SME performance: The mediating role of learning orientation
Authors: Nusanee Meekaewkunchorn, Katarzyna Szczepańska-Woszczyna, Chaiyawit Muangmee, Nuttapon Kassakorn, Bilal Khalid
294-312 (19)
17. Neural network modeling of the economic and social development trajectory transformation due to quarantine restrictions during COVID-19
Authors: Tetyana Vasilyeva, Olha Kuzmenko, Mariusz Kuryłowicz, Nataliia Letunovska
313-330 (18)
18. Job satisfaction in Hungary – comparative study
Authors: Fedor Anita
331-349 (19)