Vol 5 No 2 (2020)

Issue: Vol 5 No 2 (2020)
Journal: Economics, Management and Sustainability
ISSN: 2520-6303
Published date: 19-11-2020 (print) / 19-11-2020 (print)
Language: English
Website: https://jems.sciview.net/index.php/jems/issue/view/10
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# [1-11/11] Title Pages
1. External debt-growth nexus: Empirical evidence from Ethiopian economy
Authors: Wondatir Atinafu
Keywords: Ethiopia, external debt stock, external debt servicing, ARDL and economic growth
JEL: C22, F34, F43
6-27 (22)
2. Towards a model and strategy for transformational change
Authors: Abeni El-Amin, Babu George
Keywords: leadership, decision making, change, strategy, stakeholder development
JEL: L16, O33, R11
28-38 (11)
3. Conventional milling into CNC machine tool remanufacturing: Sustainability modeling
Authors: Ziyad Tariq Abdullah
Keywords: remanufacturing sustainability modeling, conventional milling remanufacturing, remanufacturing-upgrading sustainability, CNC machine tool remanufacturing, CNC conversion kit sustainability
JEL: Q56, L64, O14
39-65 (27)
4. Customer perspective by integrating Kano model and Quality Function Deployment method into Cinema XXI: A case study from Semarang City Indonesia
Authors: Agung Sedayu, Rahmat Budi Santoso
Keywords: customer satisfaction, Cinema XXI, Kano model
JEL: L15, L82
66-77 (12)
5. Determinants of unemployment duration for young men and women in Tunisia
Authors: Farouk Kriaa, Mohamed Bouhari, Yamina Mathlouthi
Keywords: unemployment duration, survival analysis, Kaplan – Meier estimator, Tunisia
JEL: E24, J64, J01
78-95 (18)
6. Factors that affect rice crops price estimation based on grain mill enterprise in Ploso Jombang
Authors: Anita Permatasari
Keywords: damage grain, grain price, cracked kernels, rice price, enterprise
JEL: E31, Q11
96-102 (7)
7. Development of supply chain management models in rice production to improve food endurance and security in Demak Regency
Authors: Nurul Imani Kurniawati, Riandhita Eri Werdani, Stacia Reviany Mege
Keywords: rice, supply chain, management, Demak Regency, logistic, distribution
JEL: E31, Q11
103-111 (9)
8. The fiscal policy and economic growth of Kosovo: An econometrical analysis
Authors: Besime Ziberi, Adelina Hodaj
Keywords: fiscal policies, Kosovo Tax Administration (TAK), tax system, economic growth
JEL: E60, O11
112-121 (10)
9. Comparing the reduction of poverty rate between China and Gabon through One Belt and Road Project
Authors: Pamela Nguembi, Yanrong Zhang, Haider Salaheldeen Abdalla
Keywords: Gabon, China, poverty, reduction, financial development, management
JEL: C58, E44, N17
122-131 (10)
10. The effects of financial crisis on birth rates in Halabja province from 2014 to 2018
Authors: Ayub Hasan Abudlqadir, Bilal Esmail Hama, Shahen Mohammaed Faraj
Keywords: financial crisis, birth rate, Kurdistan Regional Government
JEL: H12, O18, R23, R58
132-137 (6)
11. Analysis of the influence of word of mouth and brand image on the decision to purchase cosmetics make over products in Semarang
Authors: Nurul Imani Kurniawati
Keywords: word of mouth, brand image, purchase decisions, customer behavior, cosmetic
JEL: M31, M37
138-148 (11)