Vol. 2007, 2007

Issue: Vol. 2007, 2007
Journal: Mathematical Problems in Engineering
ISSN: 1024-123X, eISSN: 1563-5147
Published date: 01-2007 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/a5f4e5d9bfae417d90712a776e41649a/2007
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1. Heat Conduction in Lenses
Authors: Beat Aebischer
2. Numerical and Analytical Study of Optimal Low-Thrust Limited-Power Transfers between Close Circular Coplanar Orbits
Authors: Wander Almodovar Golfetto, Sandro da Silva Fernandes
3. Variational Problems with Moving Boundaries Using Decomposition Method
Authors: Reza Memarbashi
4. Inductorless Chua's Circuit: Experimental Time Series Analysis
Authors: H. A. Albuquerque, N. Manzanares Filho, C. P. L. Rubinger, L. F. Mello, A. W. M. Nascimento, R. M. Rubinger
5. Nonlinear Equations with a Retarded Argument in Discrete-Continuous Systems
Authors: Amalia Pielorz
6. Developing a Formulation Based upon Curvature for Analysis of Nonprismatic Curved Beams
Authors: R. Tabatabaei, M. J. Fadaee, H. Saffari
7. Delay Analysis of an M/G/1/K Priority Queueing System with Push-out Scheme
Authors: Yutae Lee, Bong Dae Choi, Bara Kim, Dan Keun Sung
8. Incompressible Turbulent Flow Simulation Using the κ-ɛ Model and Upwind Schemes
Authors: V. G. Ferreira, A. C. Brandi, F. A. Kurokawa, P. Seleghim Jr., A. Castelo, J. A. Cuminato
9. Patrol Mobile Robots and Chaotic Trajectories
Authors: Luiz S. Martins-Filho, Elbert E. N. Macau
10. The Performance of the Higher-Order Radiation Condition Method for the Penetrable Cylinder
Authors: Bülent Yilmaz
11. Stabilization and Observability of a Rotating Timoshenko Beam Model
Authors: Alexander Zuyev, Oliver Sawodny
12. Well-Posedness of the Boundary Value Problem for Parabolic Equations in Difference Analogues of Spaces of Smooth Functions
Authors: A. Ashyralyev
13. Models for Master-Slave Clock Distribution Networks with Third-Order Phase-Locked Loops
Authors: José Roberto Castilho Piqueira, Marcela de Carvalho Freschi
14. Love and Rayleigh Correction Terms and Padé Approximants
Authors: I. Andrianov, J. Awrejcewicz
15. A Note on Variable Viscosity and Chemical Reaction Effects on Mixed Convection Heat and Mass Transfer Along a Semi-Infinite Vertical Plate
Authors: Mostafa A. A. Mahmoud
16. Asymptotic Solution of the Theory of Shells Boundary Value Problem
Authors: I. V. Andrianov, J. Awrejcewicz
17. On Bumps and Reduction of Switching Transients in Multicontroller Systems
Authors: Joseph J. Yamé, Michel Kinnaert
18. Some New Parallel Flows in Weakly Conducting Fluids with an Exponentially Decaying Lorentz Force
Authors: Asterios Pantokratoras
19. Chaos Synchronization Criteria and Costs of Sinusoidally Coupled Horizontal Platform Systems
Authors: Jianping Cai, Xiaofeng Wu, Shuhui Chen
20. Plastic Deformation Instabilities: Lambert Solutions of Mecking-Lücke Equation with Delay
Authors: Saïd Hilout, Mohammed Boutat, Jean Grilhé