Vol 5 No 1 (2020)

Issue: Vol 5 No 1 (2020)
Journal: Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics
ISSN: 2520-2979
Published date: 05-2020 (print) / 30-04-2020 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2520-2979/5/1
Website: https://jsdtl.sciview.net/index.php/jsdtl/issue/view/9
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1. Implementing safety toolkit on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana
Authors: Sahima Nazneen, Mahdi Rezapour Mashhadi, Khaled Ksaibati
Keywords: Indian reservation, crashes, tribes, crash injury.
6-18 (13)
2. Sustainable development in Belarus: Goals for transport and safety indicator movements
Authors: Siarhei Azemsha, Volha Yasinskaya, Tatsiana Hryshchanka
Keywords: sustainable development goals, sustainable mobility, universal access, efficiency, safety, green mobility
19-27 (9)
3. Clusters analysis application on transportation network
Authors: Nuwan Dhammika Jayarathna, Chula J. Jayawardene
Keywords: vehicle scheduling, minimizing transportation cost, Hamiltonian cycle, LINGO
28-36 (9)
4. Sensitivity analysis of performance of Nigerian ports using data envelopment analysis
Authors: Obiageli N. Nze, Ejem Agwu Ejem
Keywords: Nigerian ports, sensitivity analysis, data envelopment analysis, sustainability
37-47 (11)
5. Simulation modeling in GPSS for optimizing the traffic lights cycle of adjustable crossroads
Authors: Irina Kravchenya, Iryna Lebid
Keywords: simulation modeling, adjustable crossroads, traffic lights cycle, queuing systems
48-55 (8)
6. Logistics strategy as a competitive tool for firm performance: The moderating effect of customer service effectiveness
Authors: Conrad Ochego Mogaka, Wycliffe Arani
Keywords: competitive tool, customer service effectiveness, firm performance, logistics strategy, systematic literature review, sustainable development
56-65 (10)
7. Optimization model of freight transportation on the routes of international transport corridors
Authors: Georgiy Prokudin, Myroslav Oliskevych, Olexiy Сhupaylenko, Kateryna Maidanik
Keywords: Dijkstra’s algorithm, shortest routes, freight transportation, road network, computer system
66-76 (11)
8. Benchmarking technical efficiency of Nigerian seaports
Authors: Obiageli N. Nze, Ejem Agwu Ejem, I. C. Nze
Keywords: Nigerian seaports, sustainable development, ship traffic, benchmarking technical efficiency
77-95 (19)
9. Impact of the cargo customs complex efficiency on the supply chain reliability
Authors: Nataliia Luzhanska
Keywords: custom infrastructure, temporary storage warehouse, supply chain, custom clearance, logistics, costs, cargo custom complex, reliability
96-102 (7)
10. Past, present and future development of West African railways
Authors: Bouraima Mouhamed Bayane, Qiu Yanjun
Keywords: West African railways, transportation, road transport
103-114 (12)
11. Effects of Belt and Road Initiative on port selection
Authors: Soner Esmer
Keywords: Belt and Road Initiative, container, terminal, port selection criteria, bilateral agreements
115-123 (9)
12. Assessment of Cabotage Act implementation and it effect on Nigerian seafarers
Authors: Donatus E. Onwuegbuchunam, Moses O. Aponjolosun, Ayotunde A. Oludare, Okafor C. Onyekachi
Keywords: Cabotage Act, Nigerian seafarers, ship owners, implementation, welfare
124-132 (9)
13. Port deregulation and productivity in Nigeria: Some implications for economic regulators
Authors: Donatus Eberechukwu Onwuegbuchunam
Keywords: port deregulation, concession, productivity, privatisation, cargo throughputs
133-140 (8)