Vol. 17, No. 4 (2021)

Issue: Vol. 17, No. 4 (2021)
Journal: Montenegrin Journal of Economics
ISSN: 1800-5845, eISSN: 1800-6698
Published date: 09-2021 (print) / 15-09-2021 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/1800-6698/17/4
Tables of Contents
# [1-17/17] Title Pages
1. Assessment the development of the commodity structure а country’s exports and imports (case study of Ukraine)
Authors: Liudmila Malyarets
7-16 (10)
2. Strategic Territorial Development Management (on the Example of the Karaganda Region)
Authors: Ziyada Borbasova
17-33 (17)
3. GDP, Electricity Consumption and Financial Development in Croatia: an Empirical Analysis
Authors: Pavle Jakovac, Goran Kutnjak, Dejan Miljenovic
35-43 (9)
4. Audit Committee and Financial Performance in Jordan: The Moderating Effect of Ownership Concentration
Authors: Ahmad Marei
45-53 (9)
5. Why Countries Differ Greatly in the Effects of COVID-19
Authors: Victor E. Dementiev
55-63 (9)
6. The Impact on Corporate Financial Leverage of the Relationship Between Tax Avoidance and Institutional Ownership: A Study of Listed Firms in Vietnam
Authors: Minh Ha Nguyen
65-73 (9)
7. Keynesian and Monetarist Approaches to Regulation of the Labor Market in the Transition Economies of EECCA Countries
Authors: Ali Sabyrzhan
75-83 (9)
8. An Assessment of Inclusive Growth Policy as a Determinant of Unemployment Reduction in Nigeria: an Application of Autoregressive Distributed (ARDL) Bound Test Approach
Authors: Charles O. Manasseh
85-97 (13)
9. Digital Trade Enablers and Barriers in the European Union
Authors: Ines Kersan-Skabic
99-109 (11)
10. Structural and Dynamic Changes in Economy and Labor Productivity
Authors: Guzel Salimova
111-121 (11)
11. Prediction of Bankruptcy in Non-financial Corporations Using Neural Network
Authors: Sylvia Jencova
123-134 (12)
12. Capital Structure and Profitability: Evidence from Mining Companies in Indonesia
Authors: Endri Endri
135-146 (12)
13. Metrics for Assessing the Effect of Household Income and the Money Supply on Inflation
Authors: Dmitry G. Alexandrov
147-154 (8)
14. The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on the AIS Excellence in Jordanian Banks
Authors: Hossam Haddad
155-166 (12)
15. The Influence of Activity- Based Costing Implementation on Firm Performance: An Empirical Evidence from Vietnam
Authors: Pham Duc Cuong
167-179 (13)
16. Research of Comparative Advantages in the Context of Determinants of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in the European Area
Authors: Stela Kolesarova
181-188 (8)
17. Comparative Assessment of the Different Cryptocurrencies Investment Efficiency on the Different Time Periods
Authors: Serhii Kozlovskyi
189-198 (10)