Vol. 10, No 1, 2017

Issue: Vol. 10, No 1, 2017
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 03-2017 (print) / 03-2017 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2071-789X/10/1
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1. Patient Cross-Border Mobility: New Findings and Implications in Spanish Regions
Authors: Carla Blázquez-Fernández, David Cantarero-Prieto, Marta Pascual-Sáez
Keywords: health care, patient migration, panel data, Spain
JEL: I10, I18
11-21 (11)
2. Operating Risk of Polish Public Companies – Sectoral Differences
Authors: Sławomir Kalinowski
Keywords: operating risk, degree of operating risk
JEL: G30
22-34 (13)
3. Polish Pension Market Performance in Comparison to Selected Benchmarks
Authors: Dorota Witkowska, Krzysztof Kompa
Keywords: pension funds, investment efficiency, Sharpe ratios, Treynor ratio, Sortino ratio, Sharpe-Israelen ratio, Sharpe alpha, Jensen alpha
JEL: J22
35-47 (13)
4. The Persistence of Abnormal Returns: Analysis of Polish Manufacturing Industry
Authors: Marcin Puziak
Keywords: panel data, firm profitability, abnormal returns, persistence of profits
JEL: C23, D22, L13, L60
48-60 (13)
5. Short-term Shocks and Long-term Relationships of Interdependencies Among Central European Capital Markets
Authors: Michał Bernard Pietrzak, Marcin Fałdziński, Adam P. Balcerzak, Tomáš Meluzín, Marek Zinecker
Keywords: cointegration analysis, DCC-GARCH model, conditional variance, conditional correlation, short-term shocks
JEL: G15, C58
61-77 (17)
6. The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Innovation Performance: Evidence from Construction Industry of Azerbaijan
Authors: Rahim Mir-Babayev, Mayis Gulaliyev, Sabina Shikhaliyeva, Reyhan Azizova, Nuri Ok
Keywords: innovation performance, cultural diversity, gender diversity, racial diversity, foreigners’ diversity, construction industry
JEL: M14, O35
78-93 (16)
7. GDP, Time Allocation and Annual Time Worked Per Adult in Central and Eastern European Countries
Authors: Jacek Jankiewicz
Keywords: CEE countries, time-use, total market work, HETUS, economic welfare
JEL: D60, I31
94-111 (18)
8. How Meritocracy is Defined Today?: Contemporary Aspects of Meritocracy
Authors: Chang-Hee Kim, Yong-Beom Choi
Keywords: meritocracy, equality of opportunity, qualitative meta-synthesis, thematic analysis, Singapore
JEL: D63, I24
112-121 (10)
9. Reasons for Doing Good: Behavioural Explanations of Prosociality in Economics
Authors: Magdalena Adamus
Keywords: behavioural economics, homo economicus, altruism, ultimatum game, dictator game
JEL: A13, C91, D63, D64
122-134 (13)
10. Research of the Nature of Leadership Activities
Authors: Andrea Jankurová, Ivana Ljudvigová, Klaudia Gubová
Keywords: leadership, leader, leadership activities, followers
JEL: M20, M21, M29
135-151 (17)
11. Attitudes of Young People to Job Searching through Social Media: Case of Slovakia
Authors: Helena Kajanová, Martin Sedláček, Veronika Soósová
Keywords: social media, job searching, recruiting, university students, Slovakia
JEL: J20, J24
152-168 (17)
12. The Use of Social Media Supporting Studying
Authors: Sebastian Kot, Mingjie Tan, Larisa Dragolea
Keywords: social media, networking, students, educational process
JEL: L85, L82
169-180 (12)
13. Social Media and Higher Education – An International Perspective
Authors: Małgorzata Bartosik-Purgat, Nela Filimon, Meltem Kiygi-Calli
Keywords: social media, higher education, international markets
JEL: I23, I25, I10
181-191 (11)
14. Social Tension: the Possibility of Conflict Diagnosis (on the Example of St. Petersburg)
Authors: George Artemov, Andrei Aleinikov, Daur Abgadzhava, Anna Pinkevich, Anna Abalian
Keywords: conflict study, social tension, Russia, empirical study
JEL: Z18, C10
192-208 (17)
15. Constructing Poverty Lines in Croatia Using Kakwani’s Model
Authors: Marinko Škare, Romina Pržiklas Družeta
Keywords: poverty line, Kakwani’s method, poverty threshold, Croatia, purchasing power parity
JEL: I32, P36, P20
209-221 (13)
16. Comparison of the Selected Indicators of Work Life Balance in European Union Countries
Authors: Eva Živčicová, Kristína Bulková, Tatiana Masárová
Keywords: WLB, stress, exhaustion, time, family responsibilities, EU, Slovak respondents
JEL: I30, I31
221-231 (11)
17. Educational Attainment and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in the Slovak Republic
Authors: Beata Gavurova, Tatiana Vagasova, Marek Grof
Keywords: cardiovascular disease mortality, socioeconomic status, education
JEL: I10, I14
232-245 (14)
18. Effect of Welfare and Employment Policies on the Correlation between Migration and Unemployment
Authors: Erez Cohen
Keywords: public policy, political economy, immigration, welfare policy, employment
JEL: H10, I38, J08
246-264 (19)
19. The Inequality of Material Living Conditions in EU Countries
Authors: Ona Gražina Rakauskienė, Lina Volodzkienė
Keywords: wealth inequality, socio-economic inequalities, distribution of material living conditions, quality of life
JEL: D63, E21, P46, D31
265-278 (14)
20. Impact Assessment between the City and the Company Reputation
Authors: Petra Jakab, Eva Happ
Keywords: reputation, stakeholder, headquarter, impact assessment, marketing communication tools
JEL: M39
279-289 (11)