Vol. 11, No 4, 2018

Issue: Vol. 11, No 4, 2018
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Published date: 12-2018 (print) / 12-2018 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2306-3483/11/4
Website: https://www.jois.eu/?en_vol.-11-no-4-2018,55
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1. Firm-specific determinants of FDI from GCC to MENA countries
Authors: Oualid Abidi, Roger Antoun, Houshang Habibniya, Vladimir Dzenopoljac
Keywords: FDI, GCC, MENA, mergers and acquisitions, firm-specific variables, state-owned enterprises
JEL: E22, F21, G34
9-21 (13)
2. Deposit insurance systems of post-Soviet countries: A comparative analysis
Authors: Andreas Horsch, Larysa Sysoyeva, Sergii Bogma
Keywords: post-Soviet countries, deposit insurance, banking systems, European integration
JEL: G21, G28, P20
22-44 (23)
3. The importance of energy resources for Azerbaijan’s international competitiveness
Authors: Krzysztof Falkowski
Keywords: international competitiveness, international trade, energy resources, Azerbaijan
JEL: F14, O11, Q33, Q37
44-56 (13)
4. Determinants of credit default swap (CDS) spreads in Latin America: An empirical analysis of corporate debt in public and private companies
Authors: Edgardo Cayón, Juan Manuel Perilla
Keywords: Latin American bonds, corporate debt, determinants, panel regression, public companies, private companies
JEL: G30, G32
57-68 (12)
5. Impact of media technology on wage changes: The case of Thailand
Authors: Siriwan Saksiriruthai
Keywords: media technology, media access, time allocation, wage, Thailand
JEL: J22, J24, J31, O33
69-78 (10)
6. Economic growth and tariff levels in the United States: A Granger casality analysis
Authors: Hyung Min Kim
Keywords: economic growth, Granger causality, protectionism, tariff level, US economics
JEL: A10, B40, F10, O10
79-92 (14)
7. Greek labour market: The evaluation of minimum wage and unemployment during the period 2000-2017
Authors: Kostas Karamanis, Christina Beneki, Marilou Ioakimidis
Keywords: labour market, minimum wage, unemployment, employment, Greece
JEL: J21, J31, J64
93-105 (13)
8. An innovative model for business financing in wine production
Authors: Mina Angelova, Daniela Pastarmadzhieva, Penyo Georgiev, Gergana Dimitrova
Keywords: Bulgaria, wine production, innovation, financing, intelligent assistants, e-learning
JEL: O33, G20, A10
106-119 (14)
9. Thai home improvement retailer customer loyalty: A SEM analysis
Authors: Atisin Suebsaiaun, Thepparat Pimolsathean
Keywords: corporate social responsibility (CSR), customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, electronic customer relationship management (eCRM), SERVQUAL, Thai, SEM
JEL: L80, L81, L84, L85, L86, M30
120-137 (18)
10. Determinants of islamic banking adoption across different religious groups in Ghana: A panoptic perspective
Authors: Su’un Su’un, Bayu Taufiq Possumah, Michael Karikari Appiah, Nurul Hilmiyah
Keywords: adoptions, africa traditional religion, christians, determinants, Ghana, islamic banking, muslims
JEL: D02, O16, O17, P31
138-154 (17)
11. Endogeneity of money: The case of Сzech Republic
Authors: Liběna Černohorská
Keywords: Czech Republic, endogeneity of money, GDP, Granger causality test, M3, money base
JEL: E51, E47, C32
155-168 (14)
12. Determinants of education quality in the Canal del Dique y Zona Costera region of Colombia
Authors: Francisco Javier Maza Avila, María del Carmen Pérez González
Keywords: secundary education quality, ordered logit, saber 11 examination, critical reading, mathematics, Colombia
JEL: C01, I21, R58
169-184 (16)
13. Сircular economy in the context of alterglobalization
Authors: Andriy Krysovatyy, Iryna Zvarych, Roman Zvarych
Keywords: circular economy, alterglobalization, “economy of cowboys”, “economy of a space”, circular city, circular gap, circular countries, global “circular creditors”, circular use leaders, circular outsiders, emerging circular countries
JEL: F18, F64, F68, Q50, Q56
185-200 (16)
14. Does intermediate tariff bode well for trade integration in ECOWAS?
Authors: Olusegun Barnabas Obasaju, Wumi Kolawole Olayiwola, Henry Okodua, Ruth Uzoaku Obasaju
Keywords: intermediate tariffs, trade integration, regional value chains, Heckman two-step, ECOWAS
JEL: F10, F13, F14, F15, C30, C33
201-214 (14)
15. Comparing inequalities in health outcomes in European countries
Authors: Viera Pacáková, Lucie Kopecká
Keywords: healthcare outcomes, healthcare inequalities, multidimensional techniques, European countries
JEL: C38, I14, I18
215-227 (13)
16. Does efficiency of the Nordic pension system evolve after crisis?
Authors: Marcin Brycz
Keywords: pension systems, principal component analysis, Nordic countries
JEL: H12, H55, J32
228-236 (9)
17. A new model for customer purchase intention in e-commerce recommendation agents
Authors: Vahid Mohseni Roudposhti, Mehrbakhsh Nilashi, Abbas Mardani, Dalia Streimikiene, Sarminah Samad, Othman Ibrahim
Keywords: e-commerce, recommender systems, trust, satisfaction, purchase intention
JEL: E31, F31, Q40, Z32
237-253 (17)
18. Analysis of barriers in sports volunteering
Authors: Emília Krajňáková, Audrius Šimkus, Vaida Pilinkiene, Monika Grabowska
Keywords: volunteering, volunteer, leisure, barriers, sports sector
JEL: J42, J45
254-269 (16)
19. Restaurant branding matters: A quantitative report on how brand image can moderate relationship
Authors: Lo Ying Tuan, Ahmad Jusoh, Abbas Mardani, Dalia Streimikiene
Keywords: brand image, patron dining experience (pde), relationship quality, loyalty
JEL: M31, L83
270-281 (12)
20. Comprehensive assessment of the selected indicators of financial analysis in the context of failing companies
Authors: Pavol Kral, Hussam Musa, George Lazaroiu, Maria Misankova, Jaromir Vrbka
Keywords: failing companies, bankruptcy prediction, financial ratios
JEL: C53, G33
282-294 (13)