Vol. 14, No 3, 2021

Issue: Vol. 14, No 3, 2021
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 09-2021 (print) / 09-2021 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2071-789X/14/3
Website: https://www.economics-sociology.eu/?en_vol.-14-no-3-2021,71
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1. Can we have trust in host government? Self-esteem, work attitudes and prejudice of low-status expatriates living in China
Authors: Asad Abbas, Kenneth Sunguh, Arturo Arrona-Palacios, Samira Hosseini
Keywords: adaptability, expatriates; educational innovation; selfesteem, trust in host government, social categorization theory, China
JEL: F22, F66, G38, J00, M54
11-31 (21)
2. Assessing the applicability of geographical indications from the social capital analysis perspective: Evidences from Albania
Authors: Elena Kokthi, Gert Guri, Elda Muco
Keywords: willingness to cooperate, Ostrom Conditions symmetric interests, collective actions, geographical indications
32-53 (22)
3. Do gender empowerment and democracy reduce poverty rate? A cross-provinces evidence from western Indonesia
Authors: Gunawan Adnan, Khairul Amri
Keywords: poverty rates, gender empowerment, democracy, panel vector error correction model, granger causality test
JEL: I32, I38, A14, J16
54-71 (18)
4. Economic culture of Local Action Group (LAG) communities from peripheral regions. Evidence from Poland
Authors: Danuta Guzal-Dec, Łukasz Zbucki
Keywords: economic culture, social capital, European Union's LEADER Programme, the Eastern Poland Macro-Region
JEL: Z10, O15
72-88 (17)
5. The Youth Guarantee in Spain: A worrying situation after its implementation
Authors: M. Àngels Cabasés, Miquel Úbeda
Keywords: youth guarantee, youth policies, labour market, precarity
JEL: J08, J62, Z13
89-104 (16)
6. Do gays and lesbians experience more frequent and longer unemployment?
Authors: Karel Fric
Keywords: discrimination, employment discrimination, gay, lesbian, unemployment
JEL: J71
105-126 (22)
7. Unhappy moves? Assessing the link between life (dis)satisfaction and intention to emigrate in Azerbaijan
Authors: Khatai Aliyev, Altay Ismayilov, Ilkin Gasimov, Asmar Isayeva
Keywords: life satisfaction, intention to emigrate, unhappy move, migrant sending countries, migrant receiving countries, migration policy, Azerbaijan
JEL: F22, I31, J18
127-145 (19)
8. Perceived benefits of social media networks impact on competitive behavior of Indonesia SMEs: Food and beverage sector
Authors: Nurliza Nurliza, Shenny Oktoriana
Keywords: ompetitive behavior, digital marketing strategy, market interaction media, media to improve consumer responses, perceived benefit, social media, SME characteristics
JEL: L25, M15, M31, P31
146-162 (17)
9. Relationship between fiscal sustainability and efficiency: Evidence from large cities in Poland
Authors: Katarzyna Wojtowicz, Sabina Hodzic
Keywords: fiscal sustainability, local government, panel data analysis, data envelopment analysis
JEL: H70, H72
163-184 (22)
10. Does the COVID19 pandemic change the relationship between government expenditures and economic growth in Azerbaijan?
Authors: Jeyhun Abbasov, Elchin Gulaliyev, Fariz Ahmadov, Ilkin Mammadov
Keywords: ARDL modeling approach, cointegration analysis, long-run effect of government spending, capital and current expenditures, fiscal multiplier
JEL: C13, E62, F43
185-204 (20)
11. Multidimensional inequality in the European Union. The joint distribution of household income, wealth and consumption
Authors: Marcin Wroński
Keywords: income distribution, wealth distribution, consumption distribution, multidimensional inequality, European Union
JEL: D31, D63
205-219 (15)
12. Entrepreneurial perceptions of students regarding business professional career: The study on gender differences in Latvia
Authors: Luísa Carvalho, Inese Mavlutova, Kristaps Lesinskis, Rui Dias
Keywords: entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial intentions, gender, professional career, Latvia
JEL: A23, I23
220-241 (22)
13. Comparative analysis of cooperative & non-cooperative farmers in Kosovo
Authors: Shyhrete Muriqi, Zsolt Baranyai, Maria Fekete-Farkas
Keywords: agriculture, farmer cooperative, benefits, selling channels, Chi Square, T- test
JEL: Q10, Q13, Q12
242-263 (22)
14. COVID-19 effects on frontline professionals: A psychological aspect
Authors: Rita Remeikienė, Albinas Bagdonas
Keywords: psychological services, provision of psychological services, front-line professionals, COVID-19 pandemic, Vilnius district
JEL: A12, I12, I15
264-282 (19)
15. The effect of relationship quality on contract farming: The mediating role of conflict between trading partners in Albania
Authors: Sadik Maloku, Gentjan Çera, Bekim Poleshi, Isuf Lushi, Zdenko Metzker
Keywords: satisfaction, commitment, trust, contract farming, relationship quality, conflict, PLS-SEM
JEL: Q12, Q13
283-296 (14)
16. The influence of migration on the labour market status in Western European countries
Authors: Main Al-Dalahmeh, Krisztina Dajnoki
Keywords: labour, migration, immigration, gender, linear regression
JEL: J01, J08, J14, J15, J40
297-321 (25)
17. Country’s health profile: Social, economic, behavioral and healthcare determinants
Authors: Serhiy Lyeonov, Svitlana Bilan, Hanna Yarovenko, Grzegorz Ostasz, Olena Kolotilina
Keywords: behavioral determinants, center of mass, economic determinants, healthcare determinants, model, social determinants
JEL: C02, I15
322-340 (19)
18. Sustainable economic development: The relation between economic growth and quality of life in V4 and Austria
Authors: Rastislav Rajnoha, Petra Lesníková, Jozef Vahančík
Keywords: economic growth, social performance, quality of life, sustainable economic development, V4, Austria, linear regression analysis
JEL: O11, O44, Q01, Q56
341-357 (17)