Vol. 14, No 4, 2021

Issue: Vol. 14, No 4, 2021
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 12-2021 (print) / 12-2021 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2071-789X/14/4
Website: https://www.economics-sociology.eu/?en_vol.-14-no-4-2021,72
Tables of Contents
# [1-19/19] Title Pages
1. How does childcare by grandparents affect the health of children in China?
Authors: Hong Liu, Yao Li, Clement A Tisdell, Fei Wang
11-30 (20)
2. Internal corporate reputation in the ICT sector: A case study
Authors: Isadora Sánchez-Torné, Macarena Pérez-Suárez, Juan-Carlos Morán-Álvarez, José-Ángel Pérez-López
31-46 (16)
3. Enriching the socio-economic inequality model by using alternative indices
Authors: Sofyan Syahnur, Kurt Klaus Frohberg, Doojin Ryu, Yossi Diantimala
47-72 (26)
4. Barrier factors of supply chain management implementation in small and medium-sized enterprises: Evidence from Hungary and Indonesia
Authors: Santi Setyaningsih, Peter Kelle
73-88 (16)
5. Beyond sustainability: Empirical evidence from OECD countries on the connection among natural resources, ESG performances, and economic development
Authors: Prima Naomi, Iqbal Akbar
89-106 (18)
6. Entrepreneurial alertness and profitability of micro firms: The role of risk-taking
Authors: Hieu Minh Vu, Chijioke Nwachukwu
107-117 (11)
7. The importance of social media for management of SMEs
Authors: Jaroslav Belás, John Amoah, Ján Dvorský, Petr Šuleř
118-132 (15)
8. Impacts and implications of a pandemic on tourism demand in Indonesia
Authors: Miguel Angel Esquivias, Lilik Sugiharti, Hilda Rohmawati, Narayan Sethi
133-150 (18)
9. Moving toward funded pension scheme: Pure economic argument due to population aging or responsibility abdication of governments?
Authors: Ishay Wolf, Smadar Levi, Lorena Caridad Y Lopez del Rio
151-166 (16)
10. Territorial dimension of rural population wellbeing: Cases of Lithuania and Poland
Authors: Gintarė Vaznonienė, Agnieszka Wojewódzka-Wiewiórska
167-185 (19)
11. Factors effecting female startuppers in Hungary
Authors: Petra Kinga Kézai, Márta Konczos Szombathelyi
186-203 (18)
12. Cultural inteligence and adjustemnt in the cultural diverse contexts: The role of satisfaction with life and intercultural competence
Authors: Miroslav Jurásek, Petr Wawrosz
204-227 (24)
13. Changes in the organization of work under the influence of COVID-19 pandemic and Industry 4.0
Authors: Jozef Habánik, Adriana Grenčíková, Martin Šrámka, Matej Húževka
228-241 (14)
14. Approaches to understanding migration: A multi-country analysis of the push and pull migration trend
Authors: Bilal Khalid, Mariusz Urbański
242-267 (26)
15. Factors influencing business environment within travel and tourism competitiveness
Authors: Petra Vasanicova, Sylvia Jencova, Beata Gavurova, Radovan Bacik
268-282 (15)
16. Workplace violence: Gender and age factors in the search for religious spiritual assistance
Authors: Jolita Vveinhardt, Mykolas Deikus, Živilė Jezerskė
283-296 (14)
17. Exploring the association between trust and contracting in agribusiness sector: Evidence from Albania
Authors: Isuf Lushi, Gentjan Çera, Suela Halilaj, Edmond Çera
297-309 (13)
18. Scientist organizational identity orientations
Authors: Lukasz Sułkowski, Justyna Dziedzic
310-325 (16)
19. Impact of digitalization and the COVID-19 pandemic on the AML scenario: Data mining analysis for good governance
Authors: Tetyana Vasilyeva, Anna Ziółko, Olha Kuzmenko, Anna Kapinos, Yuliia Humenna
326-354 (29)