Vol 5 No 2 (2020)

Issue: Vol 5 No 2 (2020)
Journal: Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics
ISSN: 2520-2979
Published date: 16-11-2020 (print) / 16-11-2020 (print)
Language: English
Website: https://jsdtl.sciview.net/index.php/jsdtl/issue/view/10
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1. Weighted Goal Programming model for Storage Space Allocation problem in a container terminal : A
Authors: Maryam Dhahri, Mouna Mezghani, Ines Rekik
Keywords: Storage Space Allocation Problem, Weighed Goal programming, container terminal, Sfax seaport
6-21 (16)
2. Mobility market transformation – how mobility as a service based on open source principles will impact the ecosystem
Authors: Ralph Gambetta, Danijela Barić
Keywords: MaaS, public transport, open source, digitalisation, ticketing
22-28 (7)
3. Optimization in logistics for supply chain management of an automobile industry using Fuzzy DEMATEL matrix method
Authors: Yash Soni, R.C. Gupta
Keywords: DEMATEL, supply chain management, logistics management, turn around timing
29-36 (8)
4. Sustainable development in Belarus: Goals for transport and universal access indicator movements
Authors: Siarhei Azemsha, Volha Yasinskaya, Tatsiana Hryshchanka
Keywords: sustainable development goals, sustainable mobility, Universal Access, Efficiency, Safety, Green Mobility
37-48 (12)
5. Blending control of the trolleybus traction and brake drives to enhance the braking efficiency of a vehicle
Authors: Andrei Safonau, Yuriy Vovk, Oleg Lyashuk, Roman Khudobei
Keywords: trolleybus, anti-lock braking system, traction control
49-61 (13)
6. Performance evaluation of terminal airspace system safety, delay and predictability of Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria
Authors: Ejem A. Ejem, Vivian N. Ikeogu, Chinenye L. Okafor, P. O. Erumaka
Keywords: terminal airspace, safety, delay, predictability and ATC
62-72 (11)
7. Economic justification for development and operationalization of rail-freight-corridors between hub-seaports and inland container depots in Nigeria
Authors: Theophilus Nwokedi, Obed Ndikom, Yusuf Kodo Hussaini, Bolaji Olaide Komolafe, Ifiokobong I. Okonko
Keywords: economic-justification, rail-freight-corridors, developing, seaports, inland-container-depots
73-89 (17)
8. Sustainable urban mobility: An approach to urbanization and motorization challenges in Nigeria, a case of Lagos state
Authors: Sodiq O. Buhari, Moses O. Aponjolosun, Babatope Gabriel Oni, Matthew W. Sam
Keywords: sustainable mobility, urbanization, Lagos state, transportation
90-97 (8)
9. To what extent is air freight affected by the Corona virus pandemic?
Authors: Soufyane Bouali, Selma Douha, Nadjib Khadri
Keywords: Air Cargo, COVID-19, crisis, transport
98-108 (11)
10. Five years of multi-depot vehicle routing problems
Authors: Nuwan Jayarathna, Jayantha Lanel, Z.A.M.S. Juman
Keywords: multi-depot vehicle routing problem, exact methods, heuristic, meta-heuristic
109-123 (15)
11. Decoupling of economic activity and freight transport volume: An evidence for short sea shipping future in the ECOWAS sub-region
Authors: T. R. Elem, I. C. Ogwude, C. C. Ibe, K. U. Nnadi, Ejem A. Ejem
Keywords: decoupling, economic activity, short-sea, shipping, ECOWAS
124-134 (11)
12. A study on the effects of COVID–19 pandemic on Nigerian seafarers
Authors: Uka John Okeleke, Moses Olatunde Aponjolosun
Keywords: COVID-19, seafarers, welfare, pandemic
135-142 (8)
13. Supply chain management practices as a competitive tool for third party logistics providers performance
Authors: Conrad Ochego Mogaka, Kellen Karimi Njiru, Wycliffe Arani
Keywords: competitive tool, supply chain management practices, performance, third party logistics firms
143-152 (10)
14. Sustainability of transport system: Case study of Greater Mumbai
Authors: Shikha Juyal, Sudhakar Yedla
Keywords: sustainability, indicator, transport, Greater Mumbai
153-167 (15)