Vol. 6, No 2, 2013

Issue: Vol. 6, No 2, 2013
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Published date: 20-11-2013 (print) / 20-11-2013 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2306-3483/6/2
Tables of Contents
# [1-14/14] Title Pages
1. The Strategic Importance of Consumer Insight in Defining Place Brand Identity and Positioning
Authors: Karolina Janiszewska
9-19 (11)
2. Study on the Influence of Advertising Attractiveness on the Purchase Decisions of Women and Men
Authors: Małgorzata Łatuszyńska, Agata Wawrzyniak, Barbara Wąsikowska, Fatimah Furaji
20-32 (13)
3. Professed Values and Consumer Confidence Level in European Countries
Authors: Krzysztof Błoński
33-44 (12)
4. Corporate Social Responsibility in Poland – Theory and Practice
Authors: Grażyna Wolska
45-53 (9)
5. The Effects of Organizational Structure on the Entrepreneurial Orientation of the Employees
Authors: Behzad Shoghi, Aboulfazl Safieepoor
54-64 (11)
6. Key Success Factors of Strategic Managemnt Implementation in SMES in Iran
Authors: Shahin Pournasir
65-78 (14)
7. Europeanization in Turkey and Accession Process to the European Union
Authors: Mehmet Kanbur, Tomasz Bernat
79-93 (15)
8. Turkey’s Place in the Path of the Development of Common Energy Politics of the European Union
Authors: Tülay Yıldırım
94-102 (9)
9. Chinese-EU Bilateral Trade (2007-2011). “Competition & the Exchange of Technology”
Authors: David Clowes, Dominika Choroś-Mrozowska
103-110 (8)
10. Stock Exchanges Go Public. The Case of Warsaw Stock Exchange
Authors: Urszula Mrzygłod, Sabina Nowak
111-123 (13)
11. Determinants of the Choice of Tangible Fixed Assets, Depending on the Type of Activity
Authors: Leszek Czerwonka
124-131 (8)
12. Sales of Residential Properties Illustrated with the City of Kalisz
Authors: Izabela Rącka
132-144 (13)
13. The Prevalence Narcotics Trade in the World Market and the Associated Challenges
Authors: Khaled A. Alasmari
145-154 (10)
14. System of Environmental Management as an Element of Bioeconomy Development
Authors: Izabela Straczewska
155-163 (9)