Vol. 8, No 2, 2015

Issue: Vol. 8, No 2, 2015
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Published date: 10-11-2015 (print) / 10-11-2015 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2306-3483/8/2
Website: http://www.jois.eu/?en_vol.-8-no-2-2015,42
Tables of Contents
# [1-16/16] Title Pages
1. Strategic municipal real estate management
Authors: Maria Trojanek
Keywords: Real estate management, real estate management objectives, real estate management strategy
JEL: L85
9-17 (9)
2. Conditional and unconditional bidding in takeovers: experimental evidence
Authors: Adam Karbowski, Jacek Prokop
Keywords: takeovers, tender offers, conditional and unconditional bids, experiments
JEL: G34
18-33 (16)
3. Descriptive analysis of nonstationarity of the time series on real estate market
Authors: Sławomir Kulesza, Mirosław Belej
Keywords: real estate market, dynamics, nonstationarity
JEL: R32
34-42 (9)
4. Did the euro trigger the European dept crises?
Authors: Tülay Yıldırım
Keywords: European Union, Eurozone, Euro Sovereign Debt Crisis
JEL: F34
43-51 (9)
5. Compatibility of market risk measures
Authors: Grzegorz Mentel, Jacek Brożyna
Keywords: value-at-risk, RiskGrade, modeling, risk, prediction
JEL: G32
52-62 (11)
6. Specialization and diversification of agricultural production in the light of sustainable development
Authors: Andrzej Czyżewski, Katarzyna Smędzik-Ambroży
Keywords: farms, specialization and diversification of production, economic efficiency, environmental sustainability
63-73 (11)
7. Interest rate uncertainty, Investment and their relationship on different industries; Evidence from Jiangsu, China
Authors: Li Suyuan, Wu han, Adnan Khurshid
Keywords: Interest rate; investment; Jiangsu Province; panel data model
74-82 (9)
8. The role of general government in the income redistribution in the Polish economy
Authors: Łucja Tomaszewicz, Joanna Trębska
Keywords: government, national accounts, public finance
83-100 (18)
9. Patent activity as an effect of the research and development of the business enterprise sectors in the countries of the European Union
Authors: Tomasz Sierotowicz
Keywords: managing R&D, intellectual property, comparative studies of countries
101-113 (13)
10. The fight against poverty in the European Union – expectations versus reality
Authors: Renata Pęciak, Magdalena Tusińska
Keywords: poverty, social exclusion, the European Union, Europe 2020
114-129 (16)
11. Flexibility of workplace vs. non – standard employment forms – co-occurrence analysis
Authors: Dominika Bąk-Grabowska, Agnieszka Jagoda
Keywords: flexible work; work organization; flexible employment forms; flexible working place organization; Poland
130-138 (9)
12. A reversed double movement in Brazil: the (controversial) evolution of the Partido dos Trabalhadores’ education policy since 1980
Authors: João Victor Guedes-Neto
Keywords: Higher education policy; Karl Polanyi’s double movement; Partido dos Trabalhadores; Working class in Brazil; Content analysis.
139-154 (16)
13. Quality of urban life in Poland
Authors: Katarzyna Włodarczyk
Keywords: quality of life, standard of living, Polish society, civilization, urban development
155-163 (9)
14. Ranking the most effective marketing mix elements on the sales of Javid Darb company products: an AHP technique
Authors: Ramin Bashir Khodaparasti, Aboulfazl Aboulfazli, Reza Isakhajelou
Keywords: Marketing Mix, Ranking, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Javid Darb Company, Products
164-173 (10)
15. Customer satisfaction in the Kenyan banking industry
Authors: Felix Kombo
Keywords: Customer satisfaction, commercial banks, customers, Kenya, dissatisfaction, banking industry
174-186 (13)
16. Оnline marketing strategies: the future is here
Authors: Susanne Schwarzl, Monika Grabowska
Keywords: online marketing, customer behaviour, customer journey, marketing research
JEL: M31
187-196 (10)