Vol. 12, No 4, 2019

Issue: Vol. 12, No 4, 2019
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Published date: 12-2019 (print) / 12-2019 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2306-3483/12/4
Website: https://www.jois.eu/?en_vol.-12-no-4-2019,59
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# [1-20/22] Title Pages
1. Why demonetize the Indian economy?
Authors: Augendra Bhukuth, Bernard Terrany
Keywords: demonetization, inflation, FDI, make in policy, banking sector, India
JEL: E42, E52, E63, F33
9-19 (11)
2. From the Russian food import ban to free trade from Lisbon to Vladivostok – will farmers benefit?
Authors: Martin Banse, Ivan Duric, Linde Götz, Verena Laquai
Keywords: EU, Eurasian Economic Union, free trade area, import ban, MAGNET, Russia
JEL: D58, F13, F17, Q17, Q18
20-31 (12)
3. Fiscal council: European model or new global standard?
Authors: András Bethlendi, Csaba Lentner, László Vasa, András Póra
Keywords: sovereign debt, rules-based fiscal policy, fiscal council, independent fiscal institutions, fiscal prudence
JEL: E02, E62, F34, F36, H30, H60, H61, H63, H68, H87, P16, P41, P43, P50
32-51 (20)
4. Asymmetric effects of exchange rate changes on the demand for divisia money in Malaysia
Authors: Choi-Meng Leong, Chin-Hong Puah, Evan Lau, Abu Mansor Shazali
Keywords: financial liberalization, divisia monetary aggregate, exchange rate, asymmetric, money demand
JEL: C41, E52
52-62 (11)
5. Virtual protectionism: Overview of MFN tariffs and bound tariffs in South America
Authors: Juan Gabriel Vanegas López, Jose Jaime Baena Rojas
Keywords: WTO, MFN tariffs, bound tariffs, protectionism, South America
JEL: F13, H20, N76
63-78 (16)
6. Influence of world social and economic indicators’ interlinkage on the development of human potential
Authors: Elvira Y. Churilova, Viktor N. Salin, Elena P. Shpakovskaia, Oksana Yu. Sitnikova
Keywords: Human Development Index, Human Development Index Adjusted To Reflect Inequality, Gender-related Development Index, Gender Inequality Index, Legatum Prosperity Index, Education Index, Happy Planet Index, multivariate statistical analysis, cluster analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis
JEL: J18, P50, D63, I38
79-99 (21)
7. Testing mean-reversion in agricultural commodity prices: Evidence from wavelet analysis
Authors: Adedoyin Isola Lawal, Oluwasola Emmanuel Omoju, Abiola Ayopo Babajide, Abiola John Asaleye
Keywords: wavelet analysis, testing, policy makers
JEL: J18, D63, I38
100-114 (15)
8. Africa-China-Europe relations: Conditions and conditionalities
Authors: Adams Bodomo
Keywords: Chinese investment, trade, European development aid, infrastructure, Africa
JEL: P45, P51, O55
115-129 (15)
9. Cost channel in the mechanism of transmitting monetary policy in Poland
Authors: Magdalena Redo, Piotr Siemiątkowski
Keywords: cost channel, monetary policy, mechanism of transmitting
JEL: E52, E58
130-143 (14)
10. Fiscal impact of the migration phenomenon
Authors: Loredana Andreea Cristea, Janusz Grabara
Keywords: migration, fiscal policy, fiscal revenues, social expenditures, European Union
JEL: F22, H20, H50
144-159 (16)
11. Financial and economic determinants of sustainable economic growth in Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa
Authors: Zakaria Yakubu, Nanthakumar Loganathan, Asan Ali Golam Hassan, Abbas Mardani, Dalia Streimikiene
Keywords: bootstrap quantile regression, cointegration, economic growth
JEL: F43, O47
160-176 (17)
12. Competitiveness of Uzbek agrarian foreign trade – different regional trade blocs and the most significant trade partners
Authors: Akhmadjon Ortikov, Luboš Smutka, Irena Benešová
Keywords: agrarian trade, agricultural products and foodstuffs, Uzbekistan, partners, competitiveness, changes, institutional comparative advantage, balance, products mapping
JEL: Q13, Q17
177-194 (18)
13. Incentive extension of pay-as-you-go pension system
Authors: Jan Mertl, Jiří Mihola, Radim Valenčík
Keywords: human capital, pension insurance, extension of pension insurance; voluntary pension pillar; active ageing
JEL: H55, H75, J24
195-213 (19)
14. Forecasting and management of gross domestic product
Authors: Viktor Oliinyk, Serhiy Kozmenko
Keywords: GDP, GDP growth, management function, Hamiltonian, forecasting, China
JEL: E27, C51
214-228 (15)
15. Could the Ease of Doing Business be considered a predictor of countries' Socio-Economic Wealth? An empirical analysis using PLS-SEM
Authors: Antonio L. Leal-Rodríguez, Carlos Sanchís-Pedregosa
Keywords: ease of doing business, socio-economic wealth, gross domestic product, Human Development Index, PLS-SEM
JEL: L26, O11
229-243 (15)
16. Impact of the state on business environment - sectoral analysis
Authors: Beata Gavurova, Jaroslav Belas, Zdenek Strnad, Zoltan Rozsa
Keywords: small and medium-sized enterprises, business environment, approach of the state to entrepreneurship, state bureaucracy, financial support, correspondence analysis
JEL: L26, D22
244-257 (14)
17. The impact of oil price shocks on selected Kazakhstan’s macroeconomic indicators
Authors: Erjan Akhmedov
Keywords: oil price shock, macroeconomic time series, Kazakhstan, VAR
JEL: C32, E17, E32, Q43
258-271 (14)
18. Action plan on sustainability of fight against tax fraud and tax evasion: EU countries comparison
Authors: Ján Dobrovič, Rastislav Rajnoha, Iveta Voznakova, Petra Pártlová
Keywords: tax evasion, tax fraud, value added tax, predictive statistical model, EU Member States
JEL: G21
272-285 (14)
19. Efficiency measurement of national innovation systems of the European Union countries: DEA model application
Authors: Eva Jurickova, Michal Pilik, Michael Adu Kwarteng
Keywords: data envelopment analysis, National Innovation System, technical efficiency, innovation performance
JEL: O32, O52, O57
286-299 (14)
20. Trust cycle of the finance sector and its determinants: The case of Ukraine
Authors: Maryna Brychko, Jiří Polách, Olha Kuzmenko, Tadeusz Olejarz
Keywords: trust cycle, business cycle, financial cycle, economic agent's behaviour
JEL: E32, O16
300-324 (25)