Vol. 12, No 3, 2019

Issue: Vol. 12, No 3, 2019
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 09-2019 (print) / 09-2019 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2071-789X/12/3
Website: https://www.economics-sociology.eu/?en_vol.-12-no-3-2019,63
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1. Trends in young consumers’ behaviour - implications for family enterprises
Authors: Anna M. Nikodemska-Wołowik, Joanna Bednarz, Jeffrey R. Foreman
Keywords: international trends in buyer behaviour, young consumers, family enterprises, Poland
JEL: D12, D22, D91, M21
11-24 (14)
2. Is foreign direct investment helpful to reduce income inequality in Indonesia?
Authors: Al Muizzuddin Fazaalloh
Keywords: foreign direct investment, income inequality, panel data regression, Indonesia
JEL: O15, F20, F63
25-36 (12)
3. Small and medium enterprise’s internal resources and investment decisions in Ghana: The resource-based approach
Authors: Michael Karikari Appiah, Bayu Taufiq Possumah, Nizam Ahmat, Nur Azura Sanusi
Keywords: investment, oil & gas, Ghanaian SMEs internal resources, Logit model
JEL: D02, O17, P31
37-53 (17)
4. FDI and poverty reduction in Botswana: A multivariate causality test
Authors: Mercy T. Musakwa, Nicholas M. Odhiambo
Keywords: Botswana, household consumption expenditure, infant mortality rate, life expectancy, Granger causality
JEL: F21, I32
54-66 (13)
5. Effects of innovativeness and innovation behavior on tourism SMEs performance: The case of Albania
Authors: Shpresim Domi, Remzi Keco, Joan-Lluís Capelleras, Gentjan Mehmeti
Keywords: firm performance, innovativeness, innovation behavior, Albania
JEL: L25, O31, Z30
67-85 (19)
6. The effects of exchange rate, price competitiveness indices and taxation on international tourism demand in Malaysia
Authors: Nanthakumar Loganatan, Norsiah Ahmad, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Roshaiza Taha, Abbas Mardani, Dalia Streimikiene
Keywords: exchange rate, international tourism, quantile regression; price competitiveness
JEL: C50, G20, Z32
86-97 (12)
7. Micro businesses participation in public procurement: Evidence from Ukraine
Authors: Nataliia Medzhybovska, Agnieszka Lew
Keywords: public procurement, private entrepreneurs, open tenders, competitive procedures, ProZorro
JEL: H57, L26, M21
98-113 (16)
8. The role of branchless banking in performance of households’ micro and small enterprises: The evidence from Indonesia
Authors: Ktut Silvanita Mangani, Yusman Syaukat, Bustanul Arifin, Mangara Tambunan
Keywords: branchless banking, financial inclusion, household economic behaviour, micro and small enterprise, simultaneous equation model
JEL: D13, O12, G20
114-131 (18)
9. Consumers’ willingness to pay for organic vegetables: Empirical evidence from Nepal
Authors: Kumar Bhattarai
Keywords: bid premium, Kathmandu valley, organic vegetables, single-bounded contingent valuation method, the willingness to pay
JEL: D02, O13, O17, P36, Q11
132-146 (15)
10. Visual frames of migrants and refugees in the main Western European media
Authors: Javier J. Amores, Carlos Arcila Calderón, Mikolaj Stanek
Keywords: framing, visual framing, migrants, refugees, European media, European press, news photographs, migration crisis
JEL: Z13
147-161 (15)
11. Unsustainable power distribution? Women Leaders in Polish Academia
Authors: Łukasz Sułkowski, Ewa Bogacz-Wojtanowska, Sylwia Wrona, Aleksandra Jędrzejczyk-Kozioł, Ewelina Góral, Katarzyna Wojdyła
Keywords: women, academia, unsustainable power, HEI, glass ceiling
JEL: I23, I24
162-180 (19)
12. Attitudes of young consumers towards international nostalgic brands – the comparative study
Authors: Magdalena Grebosz-Krawczyk
Keywords: nostalgic brand, consumers’ attitudes, qualitative research, France, Poland
JEL: M31
181-191 (11)
13. Social networks in entrepreneurial startups development
Authors: Lukáš Durda, Aleksandr Ključnikov
Keywords: social networks, development of startup companies, strong ties, weak ties, startups
JEL: L26, M13, Z13
192-208 (17)
14. Prospects of assessing the impact of external student migration on restoring country's intellectual potential (the case study of Ukraine)
Authors: Halyna Mishchuk, Iryna Roshchyk, Joanna Sułkowska, Sergej Vojtovič
Keywords: education, intellectual potential, international migration, student emigration rate
JEL: F22, J11, O15
209-219 (11)
15. Sustainability of health systems research – a conceptional framework based on two projects
Authors: Steffen Flessa, Konrad Meissner
Keywords: Change management, GANI_MED, InGRiP, Innovation, German health care system
JEL: I11, I18
220-235 (16)
16. The impact of healthcare availability on the amenable mortality: Country study
Authors: Beata Gavurova, Peter Toth, Ruta Ciutienė, Miriama Tarhanicova
Keywords: healthcare access, amenable mortality, panel data, health production function
JEL: I10, I14, I15
236-250 (15)
17. Governance codes in the developing and emerging countries: Do they look for the international role model?
Authors: Ivana Bosáková, Aleš Kubíček, Jiří Strouhal
Keywords: corporate governance codes, comparative analysis, OECD, emerging countries
JEL: G34
251-272 (22)
18. Impact of capital increase on solvency and profitability of Spanish deposit banks
Authors: J. Vicente Fruet-Cardozo, José R. Millán, José M. Caridad y Ocerin, Jesús C. Perez-Galvez
Keywords: Spanish banks, consolidated financial statements, ratios, equity, net profit, SEM
JEL: C33, G21, G32
273-290 (18)
19. Is patient satisfaction the key to promote compliance in health care sector?
Authors: Katarzyna Krot, Iga Rudawska
Keywords: health care sector, patient-doctor relationship, satisfaction, costs, health economics, Poland
JEL: D02, O17, P31
291-300 (10)
20. Interest-balanced agricultural policy-making: Key participative and collaborative capacities in the opinion of NGOs’ experts
Authors: Agota Giedrė Raišienė, Askoldas Podviezko, Virgilijus Skulskis, Lina Baranauskaitė
Keywords: participative and collaborative capacities, stakeholder involvement, policy-making, inter-sectorial interaction, interest management, LiT method, NGOs, agriculture, Lithuania
JEL: Q18
301-318 (18)