Vol. 17, No. 1 (2021)

Issue: Vol. 17, No. 1 (2021)
Journal: Montenegrin Journal of Economics
ISSN: 1800-5845, eISSN: 1800-6698
Published date: 15-01-2021 (print) / 13-01-2021 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/1800-6698/17/1
Tables of Contents
# [1-17/17] Title Pages
1. Interaction of Economic Policy. Lessons on Social Welfare and Risk Premium
Authors: Roger Alejandro Banegas Rivero
7-29 (23)
2. Relationship between Life Expectancy, Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Openness: Evidence from Turkey
Authors: Emrah Beşe, Salih Kalayci
31-43 (13)
3. Is there a Nexus between Inflation, Exchange Rate and Unemployment in South Africa: An Econometric Analysis?
Authors: Pheto Semosa, Ogujiuba Kanayo
45-58 (14)
4. Relevance of Okun’s Law in Montenegro
Authors: Vesna Karadzic
59-69 (11)
5. Diagnostics of Efficiency of an Enterprise's Export-import Activity
Authors: Lyudmyla M. Malyarets
71-83 (13)
6. Analyzing the Role of Public Expenditures in Human Development: Panel Data Analysis of EU-28 Countries
Authors: Veronika Linhartova
85-96 (12)
7. Impact of Public Debt on Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria
Authors: Benjamin Ighodalo Ehikioya, Alexander Ehimare Omankhanlen
97-109 (13)
8. Solow Models with Linear Labor Function for Industry and Enterprise
Authors: Bagrat H. Yerznkyan
111-120 (10)
9. Can Debt Mitigate Majority-Minority Shareholders Agency Problem?
Authors: M. Shabri Abd Majid
121-131 (11)
10. Methods of Lease Payments Calculating in Terms of Innovations Financing
Authors: Andrey S. Nechaev
133-149 (17)
11. Economic Business Partnerships Within Industry 4.0: New Technologies in Management
Authors: Oksana V. Portna
151-163 (13)
12. Global Challenge: From Intra-Company Staff Management to Working With the Talent
Authors: Yuri Odegov
165-174 (10)
13. Trends of Labor Market Change in the Countries of the European Union and Russia under Conditions of Digitalization of the Economy
Authors: Alfiya Kuznetsova
175-183 (9)
14. Does Comprehensive Income Provide Value Relevant Information?
Authors: Saher Aqel
185-195 (11)
15. Predicting Crude Oil Prices During a Pandemic: A Comparison of Arima and Garch Models
Authors: Mohammad Imdadul Haque, Abdul Rahman Shaik
197-207 (11)
16. Factors Affecting the Performance of Insurance Companies in Russian Federation
Authors: Liudmila Tsvetkova
209-218 (10)
17. Low Carbon Energy Transition of Baltic States
Authors: Dalia Streimikiene
219-230 (12)