Vol. 13, No 3, 2020

Issue: Vol. 13, No 3, 2020
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Published date: 09-2020 (print) / 09-2020 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2306-3483/13/3
Website: https://www.jois.eu/?en_vol.-13-no-3-2020,62
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# [1-20/22] Title Pages
1. The evolution of merchandise trade between the Visegrad Group countries and Japan in the 21st century
Authors: Grzegorz Mazur, Masaaki Takemura
Keywords: Visegrad Group, V4, Japan, merchandise trade
JEL: F13, F14, F40
9-24 (16)
2. Pacific islands: Development vulnerabilities, international response and structural transformation
Authors: Andrzej Bolesta
Keywords: development, structural transformation, economic policies, Pacific islands
JEL: O10, O20, E60
25-40 (16)
3. The European Union and the United Arab Emirates as civilian and soft powers engaged in Sustainable Development Goals
Authors: Adam Krzymowski
Keywords: Sustainable Development Goals, European Union, United Arab Emirates, renewable energy, climate changes
JEL: D74, F02, H56, O33, O34
41-58 (18)
4. Impacts of industrial robot usage on international labor markets and productivity: Evidences from 22 OECD countries
Authors: Levent Şahin
Keywords: industrial robots, employment, minimum wage, OECD countries
JEL: F20, F41, F66
59-67 (9)
5. What drives international trade? Robust analysis for the European Union
Authors: Krzysztof Beck
Keywords: international trade, European Union, trade policy, economic integration, Bayesian model averaging
JEL: C11, F14, F15
68-84 (17)
6. The impact of social adjustment policy on Syrian refugees
Authors: Hussein Salem Al-Srehan
Keywords: social adjustment policy, Syrian refugees, social adaptation, immigration
JEL: J15, J61, F01
85-97 (13)
7. Reconsidering trade and investment-led growth hypothesis: New evidence from Nigerian economy
Authors: Orhan Çoban, Stephen Taiwo Onifade, Abdul-Razak Bawa Yussif, Ilham Haouas
Keywords: Nigeria, trade, inward FDI, export-led growth, domestic investments, bound test
JEL: F10, C50, E22
98-110 (13)
8. The impact of green practices, cooperation and innovation on the performance of supply chains using statistical method of meta-analysis
Authors: Miklós Pakurár, Muhammad Asif Khan, Attila Benedek, Judit Oláh
Keywords: supply chain, performance, green practice, cooperation, innovation
JEL: G21, L26, O16
111-128 (18)
9. Prospects of family farming: Ukrainian vs EU experience
Authors: Natalia Vasylieva, Harvey James
Keywords: Ukraine, family farming, commercial households, trends in agricultural production, the EU family farms, social characteristics, comparative effectiveness
JEL: C10, O13, Q10
129-142 (14)
10. Employer branding concept for small- and medium-sized family firms
Authors: Pal Bite, Marta Konczos-Szombathelyi
Keywords: employer branding concept, small family firms, motivational factors, public image and reputation, Business Model Canvas
JEL: M54
143-160 (18)
11. Causality of the relationship between wheat prices and economic conditions - an evidence for sustainable development
Authors: Grzegorz Przekota, Anna Szczepańska-Przekota, Grzegorz Mentel, Urszula Mentel, Vytautas Snieška
Keywords: agriculture, wheat prices, GDP, causality, sustainable development
JEL: O11, O57, E32, Q11
161-179 (19)
12. Board composition and firms’ profitability: Empirical evidence from pharmaceutical industry in India
Authors: Najib Farhan, Mosab Tabash, Faozi Almaqtari, Ali Yahya
Keywords: board composition, return on assets, Tobin Q, pharmaceutical firms, India
JEL: L22, L26
180-194 (15)
13. Breaking food safety and quality standards in the EU: Financial aspects within poultry products manufacturers in Visegrad 4 countries
Authors: Andrea Komínková, Jan Vavřina, Josef Polák
Keywords: business performance, competitiveness, consumer behavior, cost-effectiveness, financial management, food processing industry, food quality regulation
JEL: Q18, D22, C55
195-215 (21)
14. Logistic regression in the analysis of unexpected household expenses: Cross-country evidence
Authors: Patrycja Kowalczyk-Rólczyńska, Tomasz Rólczyński
Keywords: economic security, household, unexpected expenses, logistic regression
JEL: D12, D14, H31, C35
216-230 (15)
15. Trading support method based on computational intelligence for speculators in the options market
Authors: Nijolė Maknickienė, Algirdas Maknickas, Raimonda Martinkutė-Kaulienė
Keywords: derivatives, financial engineering, investor, artificial intelligence, deep learning, probability, strategy
JEL: O16
231-247 (17)
16. The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the perception of business risk in the SME segment
Authors: Martin Cepel, Beata Gavurova, Jan Dvorsky, Jaroslav Belas
Keywords: business environment, small and medium-sized enterprises, COVID-19 crisis, business risk, crisis scenario
JEL: D24, H32, D14
248-263 (16)
17. How the possibility of a fight-back strategy affects the consequences of a sanctions regime
Authors: Mohammad Sadegh Karimi, Abbas Maleki, Asieh Haieri Yazdi
Keywords: sanctions, game theory, fight-back strategy, rival country, Iran sanctions
JEL: C73, F51, N45
264-279 (16)
18. Public debt, GDP and the Sovereign Debt Laffer curve: A country-specific analysis for the Euro Area
Authors: Diptes Bhimjee, Emanuel Leão
Keywords: Euro Area sovereign debt crisis, global financial crisis, sovereign debt Laffer curve, sovereign debt threshold
JEL: G01, E62, E44, F34
280-295 (16)
19. Rankings in Students’ decision-making process in Poland – implications for university management
Authors: Łukasz Sułkowski, Bogdan Gregor, Dominika Kaczorowska – Spychalska
Keywords: higher education management, university rankings, consumers, decision-making process
JEL: I23, D91, C44
296-308 (13)
20. Shadow economy interconnection with maritime sector development in coastal European countries
Authors: Mykolas Navickas, Vytautas Juščius, Marcin Rabe
Keywords: shadow economy, maritime sector, European coastal countries, MIMIC methodology
JEL: B41, C12, O10, O17
309-319 (11)