Vol. 10, No 1, 2017

Issue: Vol. 10, No 1, 2017
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Published date: 05-2017 (print) / 05-2017 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2306-3483/10/1
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1. Moderating and mediating effects of switching costs on the relationship between service value, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: investigation of retail banking in Vietnam
Authors: Vu Minh Ngo, Drahomíra Pavelková
Keywords: customer satisfaction, service quality, service value, customer loyalty, positive switching costs, negative switching costs, structural equation modelling
JEL: M10, M31
9-33 (25)
2. Determinants and measurement of smart growth: evidence from Poland
Authors: Rafał Żelazny
Keywords: smart growth, creative economy index (CEI), Poland
JEL: M10, M31
34-45 (12)
3. What does Bayesian probit regression tell us about Turkish female- and male-headed households poverty?
Authors: Ebru Çağlayan-Akay, Gülşah Sedefoğlu
Keywords: poverty, household poverty, probit, Bayesian probit regression
JEL: I32, P36, C11, C25
46-62 (17)
4. Russia-Ukraine balance of military power
Authors: Jokull Johannesson
Keywords: Russia, Ukraine, balance of military power, war
JEL: H56
63-73 (11)
5. Analysis of overhead cost behavior: case study on decision-making approach
Authors: Petr Novák, Ján Dvorský, Boris Popesko, Jiří Strouhal
Keywords: cost management, cost behavior, regression analysis, asymmetric cost behavior, decision-making process, overhead costs, sticky costs
JEL: D70
74-91 (18)
6. Monitoring mechanisms and financial distress of public listed companies in Malaysia
Authors: Soheil Kazemian, Noor Azura Ahmad Shauri, Zuraidah Mohd Sanusi, Amrizah Kamaluddin, Shuhaida Mohamed Shuhidan
Keywords: corporate governance, financial ratios, financial distress, Malaysia, monitoring mechanism
JEL: B26, G15, M21, P34
92-109 (18)
7. Estimating the influence of accounting variables change on earnings management detection
Authors: Igor Pustylnick, Oksana Temchenko, Sergey Gubarkov
Keywords: earnings management, revenue manipulation, DuPont analysis, financial statement fraud, expenses manipulation, accruals manipulations
JEL: G31, M30
110-122 (13)
8. Spatial distribution of innovation activities in Czech Republic, 2010-2012
Authors: Marek Vaculík, Vít Pászto, Barbora Švarcová
Keywords: innovation activity, geographical distribution, Czech Republic, spatial concentration, high-innovative companies war
JEL: O31, R21
123-134 (12)
9. Economic analysis and spatial arrangements of engineering SMEs performance in Olomouc region of Czech Republic
Authors: Lucie Meixnerová, Michal Menšík, Vít Pászto
Keywords: financial indicators, spatial distribution, engineering small and medium enterprises, profitability
JEL: R11, R58
135-145 (11)
10. Management and promotion of economic innovation potential
Authors: Raisa Кrayneva, Alexandr Bugaev, Tatyana Zhuravleva, Sergej Vojtovič
Keywords: innovation potential, global competitiveness, international indexes, ratings, knowledge economy, innovation development, Russian Federation
JEL: O32, Q55
146-158 (13)
11. Highly qualified in the Czech Republic
Authors: Renata Čuhlová, Zuzana Potužáková
Keywords: Czech Republic, foreigners, highly qualified, human capital, migration
JEL: I25, J61
159-172 (14)
12. Determinants of investment in fixed assets and in intangible assets for high-tech firms
Authors: Paulo Maçãs Nunes, Zélia Serrasqueiro, António Fernandes de Matos
Keywords: investment in fixed assets, investment in intangible assets, KIBS, panel data
JEL: C23, G32, L26
173-179 (7)
13. East Asian economies and their philosophy behind success: Manifestation of social constructs in economic policies
Authors: Milan Lajčiak
Keywords: East Asian economies, Confucianism, social constructs, organizational patterns, social manifestations in economic activities, role of leaders, mentality of labor force, economic policies
JEL: A13, A14, N15
180-192 (13)
14. Economic and social impact of modernization on cultural values
Authors: Elena Andreeva, Yuliya Myslyakova, Pavel Glukhikh, Artem Ratner
Keywords: social values, cultural economics, modernization, cultural influence
JEL: Z13
193-208 (16)
15. Sustainable growth of EU economies and Baltic context: Characteristics and modelling
Authors: Girts Karnitis, Edvins Karnitis
Keywords: economic indicators, gross domestic product, economics planning, innovation, data analysis, mathematical models
JEL: Z13
209-224 (16)
16. Transformation of sunflower oil production in Ukraine due to acute economic crisis
Authors: Roman Zavorotniy, Oleksandr Bilyk
Keywords: discriminant model, a financial state of the enterprise, Total Support Estimate, factor analysis, method of chain substitutions
JEL: C30, G01, G23
225-236 (12)
17. Economic and social effects of novel supply chain concepts and virtual enterprises
Authors: György Kovács, Sebastian Kot
Keywords: supply chain, virtual enterprise, economic, social, optimization
JEL: C61
237-254 (18)
18. The concept of sustainable regional development – institutional aspects, policies and prospects
Authors: Radislav Jovovic, Mimo Draskovic, Milica Delibasic, Miroslav Jovovic
Keywords: sustainable development, regional sustainable development, integration
JEL: R58
255-266 (12)
19. Gender inequality in the field of science and research
Authors: Blanka Poczatková, Pavlína Křibíková
Keywords: gender, feminisms, science and research, support, gender justice
JEL: J16, I23, H75
267-276 (10)
20. Does bank ownership affect relationship lending: A developing country perspective
Authors: Ashiqur Rahman, Jaroslav Belas, Zoltan Rosza, Tomas Kliestik
Keywords: bank financing, small and medium enterprises, bank ownership, relationship lending, Bangladesh
JEL: G21, L26, O16
277-288 (12)