Vol. 10, No 2, 2017

Issue: Vol. 10, No 2, 2017
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 06-2017 (print) / 06-2017 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2071-789X/10/2
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# [1-20/22] Title Pages
1. Socio-economics: the Approach of Social Systems Theory in a Forty Year Perspective
Authors: Tom R. Burns, Philippe DeVillé
Keywords: actor-system dynamics, socio-economics, capitalism, economic inequality, conflict and instability
JEL: A13, D63
11-20 (10)
2. Levels and Factors of Transitional Crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia
Authors: Mimo Draskovic, Radislav Jovovic, Veselin Draskovic, Nebojsa Jovovic
Keywords: transition crisis, path dependence, geoeconomics, nomenclature of authorities, institutions
JEL: D02, O17, P31, P37
21-32 (12)
3. Dynamic Efficiency under Investment Spikes in Lithuanian Cereal and Dairy Farms
Authors: Virginia Namiotko, Tomas Baležentis
Keywords: dynamic efficiency, investment spikes, Lithuania, cereal farms, dairy farms, data envelopment analysis
JEL: C44, Q12
33-46 (14)
4. The Use by Large Polish Organizations of Information about CSR Activities in e-Recruitment
Authors: Kinga Wołodźko, Jacek Woźniak
Keywords: CSR, CSR in Poland, e-recruitment, employer branding, ITC methods in HR
JEL: L25, J20, J21, J23, M51
47-60 (14)
5. Boards’ Attributes and Company Performance: the Romanian Experience
Authors: Ovidiu-Niculae Bordean, Anca Borza
Keywords: board of directors, diversification strategy, corporate governance theories, Romania
JEL: M12, M51
61-73 (13)
6. Consumers’ Need of Privacy Protection – Experimental Results
Authors: Elżbieta Babula, Urszula Mrzygłód, Andrzej Poszewiecki
Keywords: privacy, personal information, data sharing and protection
JEL: D82, O30
74-86 (13)
7. Creative Industries in Ukraine: Analysis and Prospects of the Development
Authors: Iryna V. Skavronska
Keywords: culture, creativity, creative industries, a creative economy, creative clusters, creative cities
JEL: F10, O30, O40, O50
87-106 (20)
8. Presenting Sustainable HRM Model Based on Balanced Scorecard in Knowledge-based ICT Companies (The Case of Iran)
Authors: Seyed Akbar Nilipour Tabatabaei, Ebrahim Salehi Omran, Soheila Hashemi, Maedeh Sedaghat
Keywords: sustainability, sustainable HRM, balanced scorecard, knowledge-based information and communication technology companies, Iran
JEL: I10
107-124 (18)
9. Has Capitalism Lost its Puritan Spirit? What do Recent WVS Data Say about Religiosity and Work Values?
Authors: Veysel Bozkurt, Birol Yesilada
Keywords: post-industrial capitalism, religiosity, work values, protestant ethic
JEL: A13
125-139 (15)
10. Social Support of Young Adults in the Light of Trust
Authors: Kornélia Lazányi
Keywords: social support, HEI, trust, young adults, family
JEL: A13, A14
140-152 (13)
11. Arising Need of Teachers to Actively Use Project Management Knowledge in Practice: the Case of the Czech Republic
Authors: Martin Januska
Keywords: risk register, education development project, project management education, project management, risk management, teacher education
JEL: G32, H52, O20
153-164 (12)
12. Dual Degree Programs in Social Work: is it Possible in Ukraine?
Authors: Nadia Horishna, Hanna Slozanska
Keywords: dual degree programs, social work education, higher education, Ukraine
JEL: I21, I23, I28, I30, I38
165-178 (14)
13. Will Being Determine Consciousness of the Ukrainians, or will Consciousness Determine their Being
Authors: Alla Karnaukh-Brożyna
Keywords: national consciousness, civil society, macro-system indicators, social justice, social protest
JEL: Z13
179-190 (12)
14. Towards the European Union’s Education Standards: Expectations of the Ukrainians
Authors: Mykhaylo Bagmet, Olena Liakhovets
Keywords: education standards, the European Union, sociological survey, Bologna process, Ukraine
JEL: I20, I28
191-206 (16)
15. Patients’ Trust in Physiciants as an Antecedent of Satisfaction with Medical Servcies
Authors: Katarzyna Krot, Iga Rudawska
Keywords: patient-physician relationship, satisfaction, trust dimensions, medical services, Poland
JEL: I12
207-216 (10)
16. The Idea of the Creative Society and the Development of Creative Industries
Authors: Nerijus Stasiulis
Keywords: Central and Eastern Europe, creative city, creative economy, creative environment, creative industries, creative society
JEL: Z13
217-226 (10)
17. Coalitional Games, Excessive Competition and a Lack of Trust: an Experimental Aproach
Authors: Dawid Ners
Keywords: coalitional games, experimental economics, first price auction, club goods, excessive competition
JEL: C71, C92, D71, D81
227-238 (12)
18. Relevancy for Corporates to Engage in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in Kinshasa
Authors: Lutete Christian Ayikwa, Johan W de Jager
Keywords: HIV/AIDS knowledge, condoms, work based organisation (WBO), Kinshasa, sexual behaviour and social marketing
JEL: M30
239-251 (13)
19. The Role of Social Media in an Assessment of the Factors of a Tourist Destinations Success. A Case Study of Cracow
Authors: Renata Seweryn, Agata Niemczyk, Krzysztof Firlej
Keywords: social media, path modelling, accommodation, companionship, tour guide services
JEL: L82, D01, C55, Z30
252-266 (15)
20. Combined Effect of Economic Variables on Fraud, a Survey of Developing Countries
Authors: Mahdi Omidi, Qingfei Min, Mohammad Omidi
Keywords: fraud, panel data, GDP, industrial sector, service sector, economic variables
JEL: D70, D73, K40
267-278 (12)