Vol. 9, No 2, 2016

Issue: Vol. 9, No 2, 2016
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Published date: 06-2016 (print) / 06-2016 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2306-3483/9/2
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# [1-19/19] Title Pages
1. Is the ’Flying Geese’ Paradigm useful to explain advancement in the European Union by means of FDI phenomenon?
Authors: Teresa Kamińska
Keywords: ’Flying geese‘ paradigm, foreign trade, FDI, catching up process, European Union, Poland, Spain
JEL: F21, F15, O14
9-24 (16)
2. An attempt to compare the efficiency of insolvency proceedings in various countries in the world
Authors: Markéta Arltová, Luboš Smrčka, Lee Louda, Xavier Mateos-Planas
Keywords: insolvency, statistics, insolvency costs, recovery rate, regression analysis.
25-47 (23)
3. An analysis of the official dollarization regime in Montenegro: theoretical approaches and empirical evidence
Authors: Slobodan Lakić, Damir Šehović, Jasmina Ćetković
Keywords: Dollarization/euroization, monetary regime, monetary aggregates, interest rates, seigniorage, monetary sovereignty, monetary approach to the balance of payments.
JEL: E52, E61, E62
48-64 (17)
4. Innovative prospects, nonlinear dynamics and the regional industry development
Authors: Sergey Chuprov
Keywords: economic development, industry, innovation, regional development
JEL: C62, O31, Q01, R11
65-78 (14)
5. The precariat in the labour market in Poland – social and economic aspects
Authors: Danuta Kopycińska, Elżbieta Kryńska
Keywords: precariat, labour market, employees, temporary employees, security, work, job
JEL: J21, J29, J40
79-89 (11)
6. A model of measurement of the quality of business environment in SME segment
Authors: Mehmet Civelek, Aleksandr Ključnikov, Ján Dobrovič, Mária Hudáková
Keywords: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, the business environment, quality measuring model, approach of the state to entrepreneurship, commercial banks, corruption.
JEL: L26, O16, G32
90-102 (13)
7. Policy levelling economic and social inequalities between rural and urban areas
Authors: Barbara Chmielewska, Zuzana Horváthová
Keywords: social inequalities, rural areas, non-agricultural jobs, Poland.
103-111 (9)
8. Collateral and SME financing in Bangladesh: an analysis across bank size and bank ownership types
Authors: Ashiqur Rahman, M. Twyeafur Rahman, Aleksandr Ključnikov
Keywords: Bank Financing, Collateral, Small and Medium Enterprises, Bank Size, Bank Ownership, Credit Risk, Bangladesh.
JEL: G21, G32, L26, O16
112-126 (15)
9. Incomes and the willingness of students in Poland and Lithuania to participate in charitable activities
Authors: Rafał Nagaj, Brigita Žuromskaitė
Keywords: Social Capial, Charitable Activity.
JEL: Z13, D64
127-138 (12)
10. Significant determinants of the competitive environment for SMEs in the context of the financial and credit risks
Authors: Jaroslav Belás, Gabriela Sopková
Keywords: small and medium-sized enterprises, financial risk, credit risk, gender, education of businessmen, company’s age.
JEL: L26, O16, G32
139-149 (11)
11. Selected aspects of real estate appraisers' professional training on the background of economic theory
Authors: Sabina Źróbek, Ewa Kucharska-Stasiak, Jurga Naimaviciene, Laura Tupenaite
Keywords: economic principles of valuation, real estate, education of real estate appraisers, Poland, Lithuania
150-157 (8)
12. Cruise passengers’ expenditure in the Messina port: a mixture regression approach
Authors: Romana Gargano, Filippo Grasso
Keywords: cruise passengers’ expenditure, concomitant mixture finite model, Messina
JEL: C13, C83
158-169 (12)
13. Macroeconomic determinants of permanent emigration from Romania. a Bayesian approach
Authors: Mihaela Simionescu
Keywords: emigration, poverty, earnings, stochastic search variable selection
JEL: C40, C51, J68
170-180 (11)
14. Economic growth and energy consumption: a comparison of comparative analysis of V4 and “old” EU countries
Authors: Rafał Kasperowicz, Dalia Štreimikienė
Keywords: energy consumption, economic growth, panel data analysis, V4 countries, European Union
JEL: C23, Q43, O40
181-194 (14)
15. European Central Bank’s OMT decision: still within the Framework of the monetary policy?
Authors: Izabela Jędrzejowska-Schiffauer, Peter Schiffauer
Keywords: European Central Bank, monetary policy, economic policy, Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT), quantitative easing (QE)
195-206 (12)
16. Assessment of innovation performance of Slovak regions
Authors: Eva Ivanová, Jana Masárová
Keywords: Innovations, Innovation activity, Research and Development, Innovation Performance.
JEL: O10, O30, O32
207-218 (12)
17. Selected aspects of innovation policy for small and medium sized enterprises
Authors: Renáta Machová, Erika Seres Huszárik, Mónika Šimonová
Keywords: innovation, market competition, SMEs, factors influencing innovation, innovation process
JEL: O31
219-232 (14)
18. Globalisation viewed through the prism of relationship between economics, politics nd the media
Authors: Zeljko Rutovic
Keywords: media, globalisation, economic interests, media concetration
233-243 (11)
19. Integration of migrants in the EU: lessons and implications for the EU migration policies
Authors: Gustavo De Luna Gallardo, Elena Korneeva, Wadim Strielkowski
Keywords: labor market, migration policies, wages, immigration surplus, integration, discrimination, European Union
JEL: J21, J71, J88
244-254 (11)