Vol. 13, No 2, 2020

Issue: Vol. 13, No 2, 2020
Journal: Journal of International Studies
ISSN: 2071-8330, eISSN: 2306-3483
Published date: 06-2020 (print) / 06-2020 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/2306-3483/13/2
Website: https://www.jois.eu/?en_vol.-13-no-2-2020,61
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# [1-20/23] Title Pages
1. The impact of flexible working at firm level. Evidence from Greek labor market
Authors: Kostas Karamanis, Christos Gogos
Keywords: labor market, flexible forms of employment, entrepreneurship, economic crisis, Greece
JEL: E24, J01, J21
9-24 (16)
2. Determinants of financial reporting quality: Evidence from Indonesia
Authors: Soni Agus Irwandi, Imang Dapit Pamungkas
Keywords: litigation risk, investor distrust, legal expertise, financial reporting quality, Indonesia Stock Exchange
JEL: G30, G32, M41
25-33 (9)
3. Impact of mergers and acquisitions on companies’ financial performance
Authors: Alex Borodin, Sayabek Ziyadin, Gulnara Islyam, Galina Panaedova
Keywords: corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, M&A deals, ROS, company
JEL: F53, O51, O52
34-47 (14)
4. Can public debt harm social development? Evidence from the Asian-Pacific region
Authors: Le Thanh Tung
Keywords: public debt, GDP per capita, domestic investment, poverty, inequality, Gini, social development, Asia-Pacific region
JEL: F34, H63
48-61 (14)
5. The role of self-congruity in the retail store patronage model: The case of Islamic retail stores in Indonesia and Malaysia
Authors: Hendy Mustiko Aji, Maizaitulaidawati Md Husin, Muafi Muafi
Keywords: retail store, self-congruity, retail patronage, Indonesia, Malaysia
JEL: L81, F14
62-80 (19)
6. Value relevance of realized gains and losses on available-for-sale securities
Authors: Retno Yulianti, Ari Kuncara Widagdo, Doddy Setiawan, Bambang Sutopo
Keywords: value relevance, firm value, available-for-sale securities, other comprehensive income, Indonesia
JEL: G21, M41
81-97 (17)
7. Testing for contagion from oil and developed markets to emerging markets: An empirical analysis using systemic risk parameter
Authors: Edgardo Cayón, Julio Sarmiento
Keywords: oil, contagion, emerging markets, systemic risk
JEL: G10, G15, G17
98-108 (11)
8. Implementation of innovations in enterprises using the EU funds: A comparative analysis
Authors: Marcin J. Piątkowski
Keywords: implementing innovation, investments, enterprises, entrepreneurship, SMEs, EU subsidies, operational programmes, Poland, Małopolska region, comparative analysis, competitive advantage, financial support
JEL: O33, O39, M21, L20
109-126 (18)
9. The role of the audit committee in improving earnings quality: The case of industrial companies in GCC
Authors: Allam Hamdan
Keywords: earnings quality, audit committee, industrial firms, GCC
JEL: G30, M42, O16
127-138 (12)
10. The relationship between economic growth and macroeconomic indicators in Indonesia
Authors: Dwi Wulandari, Sugeng Hadi Utomo, Bagus Shandy Narmaditya
Keywords: macroeconomic factors, export, e-money, economic growth, Indonesian economy
JEL: E51, F43, P33
139-148 (10)
11. Development of bio-based economy: Entrepreneurial endeavors and innovation across Bulgarian wine industry
Authors: Mina Angelova, Daniela Pastarmadzhieva
Keywords: bio economy, innovation, knowledge management and entrepreneurship, wine industry, Bulgaria
JEL: L26, O30, Q57
149-162 (14)
12. Learning to co-create the city brand experience
Authors: Magdalena Florek, Andrea Insch
Keywords: city brand experience, service-dominant logic, co-creation of value
JEL: M31, M38
163-177 (15)
13. Public ethnocentrism. A cognitive orientation and preventive measures
Authors: Zbysław Dobrowolski, Łukasz Sułkowski
Keywords: sustainability, public management, ethnocentrism, business excellence, constraints
JEL: D73, M21, Q01
178-190 (13)
14. Corporate governance, compliance level of IFRS disclosure and value relevance of accounting information – Indonesian evidence
Authors: Krismiaji Krismiaji, Surifah Surifah
Keywords: value relevance, corporate governance, level of compliance, Ohlson Price Model, Indonesia
JEL: G34, M41
191-211 (21)
15. Regional Innovation System in the Podkarpackie against selected Polish and EU regions
Authors: Anna Lewandowska, Ilona Švihlíková
Keywords: regional innovation system, innovation drivers, policy effects, NUTS-2 region
JEL: L11, L26, O31, O33
212-223 (12)
16. Is Estonian transit sector in trouble after the EU accession and sanctions against Russia? A qualitative study of transit flows
Authors: Viljar Veebel, Raul Markus
Keywords: Russia, European Union, Estonia, economic transit
JEL: F10, F20, P40
224-241 (18)
17. Prediction of EUR/AZN exchange rate dynamics on the basis of spectral characterıstıcs
Authors: Elshar Orudzhev, Leyla Mammadova
Keywords: Fourier series, regressive analysis, correlation analysis, t-Student criterion, F-test, Darbin–Watson test, determination factor, Spearman rank correlation factor, prediction
JEL: C10, C14, C15, C53, F31
242-258 (17)
18. Better results of artificial neural networks in predicting ČEZ share prices
Authors: Petr Šuleř, Veronika Machová
Keywords: time series, prediction, share prices, artificial neural networks, exponential smoothing, Prague Stock Exchange
JEL: C22, C45, D53
259-278 (20)
19. Differences in financial performance between various categories of hotels in the Visegrad Group countries
Authors: Radovan Bacik, Richard Fedorko, Beata Gavurova, Viera Ivankova, Martin Rigelsky
Keywords: hospitality sector, financial health, profitability, disparities, Visegrad Group, hotels
JEL: C58, O16
279-290 (12)
20. State financial security: Comprehensive analysis of its impact factors
Authors: Inna Shkolnyk, Serhiy Kozmenko, Jiri Polach, Elżbieta Wolanin
Keywords: system, financial institute, public finance, money, stock market, stability
JEL: E51, E60
291-309 (19)