Vol. 5, No 5, 1999

Issue: Vol. 5, No 5, 1999
Journal: Mathematical Problems in Engineering
ISSN: 1024-123X, eISSN: 1563-5147
Published date: 1999 (print)
Language: English
DOAJ: https://doaj.org/toc/a5f4e5d9bfae417d90712a776e41649a/5/5
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1. Exact solution of convective mass transfer model for Calcium response of endothelium
Authors: Kumar Vineet, Pandey R. N., Upadhyay S. N.
Keywords: Endothelium; ATP; Shear stress; Calcium response; Mass transfer; Circular tubes
361-377 (17)
2. Optimal hysteretic control for a <math alttext="$BMAP/SM/1/N$"> <mi>B</mi> <mi>M</mi> <mi>A</mi> <mi>P</mi> <mo>&sol;</mo> <mi>S</mi> <mi>M</mi> <mo>&sol;</mo> <mn>1</mn> <mo>&sol;</mo> <mi>N</mi> </math> queue with two operation modes
Authors: Dudin Alexander N., Nishimura Shoichi
Keywords: Batch Markovian arrival process; Semi-Markovian service; Optimal hysteresis control
397-419 (23)
3. Analysis of a production system with a feedback buffer and a general dispatching time
Authors: Lee Ho Woo, Ahn Boo Yong
Keywords: <math> <mi>M</mi> <mo>&sol;</mo> <mi>G</mi> <mo>&sol;</mo> <mn>1</mn> </math> feedback queue; Dispatching; Production system
421-439 (19)
4. Multiple objective optimization of hydro-thermal systems using Ritz&#39;s method
Authors: Arnáu L. Bayón, Rodríguez P. Suárez
Keywords: Multi-objective optimization; Economic dispatch; Environmental dispatch; <math alttext="$mathrm{NO}_x$"> <mrow> <msub> <mrow> <mtext>NO</mtext> </mrow> <mi>x</mi> </msub> </mrow> </math> and <math alttext="$mathrm{SO}_2$"> <mrow> <msub> <mrow> <mtext>SO</
379-396 (18)